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So last year for the very first time we left Quantum Leap in the water all winter and wouldn’t you know, it was one of the worst winters in recent memory! Virtually all the marinas in Greenwich Cove, RI sustained damage from the thick ice, including dock damage and pilings getting ripped out. Fortunately none of the in-water stored boats at the EGYC suffered any significant damage thanks to a diligent staff and a lot of bubblers to keep the salty water from freezing.

So this year we weren’t averse to leaving her in the water again (after all it is half the cost of a haul out), but we just weren’t sure how the bottom and underwater metal parts had fared being in the water for so long. Last spring we had a diver clean the bottom and replace the “zincs” or sacrificial anodes that protect the metal parts from galvanic corrosion. He reported all looked good including the multi-seasonal antifouling paint that covers the hull below the waterline, but I really wanted to see for myself so we decided to haul out and dry store this year.

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment - Classic Gas Formula 20150927_121931.jpgEarlier in the week we took QL over to the pumpout station to clean out the holding tank and prep the fuel for storage. We have been using Starbrite Startron stabilizer in our gasoline which has worked quite well. We only have Ethanol gas available in this area and it’s long term stability is poor, usually just a few months. But with the Startron added bi-annually, we had 3 year old gas that never gave us any trouble.

20151001_065901.jpgThe haulout was scheduled for Friday October 2, but with hurricane Joaquin threatening the EGYC staff managed to get us hauled a day early. As it turns out on Thursday October 2, we were the only boat to be hauled. It was a cold and gusty day, not great boat hauling weather. We had already winterized the engines so the boat has to be physically towed and manhandled onto the trailer, not an easy task in 25 knot gusts for our high windage craft, but again the staff came thru and out we came. As it turned out, Joaquin turned east and never threatened us further, but at the time we didn’t know that would happen.

Here’s a short video collage that Google automatically made from the media shots we took that day.20151001_134330.jpg

The bottom looked much better than expected with minimal slime and just a handful of barnacle bases.  However, I could see my red tracer coat of paint showing thru the black finish layers in several spots so next spring we’ll need to do a full paint job on the bottom.

20151001_072609.jpgThe next day I winterized the fresh water systems, drained the bilges and otherwise prepped everything for the long upcoming winter.

Before the boat hauled we had our canvas maker Maritime 20151001_145305.jpgDesigns come down and take our cockpit enclosure pieces back to his shop. Some of the stitching on the zippers and other parts needed redoing. The enclosure is ten years old and is otherwise holding up well. Once the repairs are done, the pieces will be put back aboard the boat and then we will be able to get her shrink20151001_151108.jpg wrapped.

Of course we will be heading out to Indiana by then so will trust Jay at Maritime Designs to get the enclosure back aboard (no easy task) and then the yard workers can do what they need to do to get her covered.

The solar panel on the hardtop roof does a good job keeping the batteries topped off, even though it is covered with shrink wrap. Using my Boat Command I can check on the batteries, temp, security and other items from anywhere and get alerts should something go amiss.

See ya next spring, Quantum Leap. Have a nice nap!


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