Definition of blog:
A website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. The derivation of the word is a shortened version of web-log.

What is this blog about?
It’s about our journey from a typical “normal” lifestyle to one where we sold our house and most of our possessions in favor of a nomadic lifestyle where we live full-time in a motorhome and aboard a boat. We share the high points of our travels and experiences as well as equipment modifications and DIY projects. If you are thinking of embracing a similar lifestyle change, follow along with us, we may answer many of your questions along the way.

What does the name My Quantum Discovery mean?
Well, on the surface it’s quite simple – it is a combination of the name of our boat “Quantum Leap” and the model of our first motor home, which was a Fleetwood Discovery. Besides that obvious correlation, there is a deeper meaning too. Quantum to us is a metaphor for the radical change we have thrust upon ourselves, and Discovery, well, that fits what we are doing just perfectly, don’t you think?

Why do we keep a blog?
Well we were initially inspired by other bloggers, finding reading about their RV and boating challenges and experiences interesting and filled with valuable information. So we started this site as a blogging experiment in 2011, the second year after our first motorhome purchase, to record our own journey.

As we started in earnest down the road to selling our house and embracing full time nomadic living we kept up with the blogging, perhaps the primary reason being for our own benefit. It’s a great way to permanently record – and ultimately remember – all the details of what happened along our journey. And yes it has certainly accomplished that task! It’s nice to go back and review where we went and what we did, its amazing the details that come flooding back while re-reading some of our own past experiences.

Another benefit of blogging is simplified communication with family and friends. We found sending emails to be repetitive and time consuming. By writing about our experiences  – complete with photos – we can reach out to everyone who cares with more complete info for less effort.

In addition, we have found that some of our experiences are useful to others, particularly those involving fix-it and technical information. It’s rewarding to know we have been able to help someone else choose a campground, install an accessory or make a repair to some piece of equipment.