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Honda ABS & VSA Dash Lights Stay On? – Easy Fault Reset Procedure. — 63 Comments

  1. I was very lucky found out this article. Why Honda has this problem? They just want to make more people go to their dealer to fix this problem but not the problem? Thank you very much Rob.

    • Glad to be of help! Not sure, but I might not totally lay blame on Honda, I think it is just a glitch that happens from time to time on the CAN (OBDII) network, Honda may be somewhat at the mercy of the third parties that supply that standardized software/hardware environment.

    • 2011 accord k24z3 had a blowout r.rear at 140kmh on a steep downhill ridge while negotiating a bend .TSA system prevented me from spinning off the road a few times while bringing the car to a safe stop. Whew. TSA does not throw a code on my android app/smartphone. Did try battery disconnect blahs blahs…Thank you Rob worked first time.

  2. Can you also send me the pictures? I can’t see them. I need to try this on my own before I take it to a dealership. Thank you!

  3. This worked for my 2015 Honda Accord. My ABS, VSA and Tire Pressure warning light stayed on after I replaced my front rotors and pads. I had turned the car on to use the power steering while the brake calipers were unbolted. I think this triggered the indicators. This video helped me to reset the indicator lights.

    • Could be, but it would seem unlikely that a fuse would blow during this process. First make sure the switch for the sliding doors is turned to the on position. The switch is above the two sliding door buttons on the left side of the dash, see last photo in the blog post.

      Next, open and close all the doors, then start up the car and try again. Seems to me, immediately after the reset, or a battery disconnect, the door motors would not work, but after a couple of ignition cycles they went back to normal.

      If that doesn’t work for sure check the fuses, there are several fuse box locations, check the owner’s manual for where they are and which fuses are involved.

  4. Thanks for providing such great value. After a couple of attempts, I was able to reset and clear out the abs and traction light. Thanks once again Rob.

  5. Thank you for publishing these instructions. Just a heads up to future readers. This didn’t work for me on my 2011 Odyssey the first 5+ times I tried it. The ABS light would go off the first time as the instructions describe but would not come back on. However, I kept trying. I can’t be sure what, if anything but persistence, made the difference. I do think, because I was becoming more familiar with the instructions, that I was releasing the brake pedal quicker after the ABS light went off on the last try so perhaps that made a difference. So my advice is keep trying if it doesn’t work at first and continue to review the instructions each time to make sure you are following them to the letter (e.g., I don’t think I removed the keys as instructed in step 1 the first couple of tries).

  6. Thanks for the big help.I tried it 4 to 5 x and It didn’t work until i read the comment from Shawn to release the brake quickly and it worked.Thank you Guys!

    • Herman, thanks for the details of your experience! I’ll update the post to mention releasing the brake quickly. Appreciate your comment!

  7. This is miraculous! Had this problem today after getting my battery replaced. I knew it would cause problems, so I went out in the rain tonight to fix it. Using Shawn’s suggestion to release the pedal quickly, I fixed it on the first try. Thank you SO much for this awesome information. It sounds like it’s saved a lot of people a lot of hassle and money!


    • Sorry, I lost your message. Should not affect the engine as far as I know, perhaps you have some other or an additional issue of some kind. Sorry I wasn’t more help.

    • Probably worth a try, otherwise it’s a trip to the shop. Can’t hurt anything, but keep in mind if it’s a more serious issue the lights may come back on.

  9. Today is Jan. 2, 2019….I just did my 2011 Odyssey with this VSA/ABS and Power Sliding Doors issues and it did worked the first try..Thank you!

  10. Has anyone tried this on a 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. Lights are on for us after we had to jump our battery. Read in another thread that someone blew fuses trying this method on a 4th Gen Odyssey.


      • just tried it. worked like a charm on the first go! well, the second go. i don’t think i had the paperclip all the way in the first time. if placed correctly, the error codes show up on the dash. if not placed correctly, the codes don’t show up. thanks again for the trick. oh the wonders of google and smart people that want to help people out!

        • Fantastic! You have no idea how satisfying it is to get a comment like this from you and so many others. So glad it helped. Pay it forward… Cheers, Rob

  11. Thank you! Ever since the dealer replaced the battery in our 2012 Odyssey a few days ago, we’ve had the exact same problems with the dash warning lights and power doors. I followed your steps and it worked perfectly! (Released the brake quickly.) Saved me a trip back to the dealer!

  12. Afternoon! I was leaving a doctors app. this afternoon and saw a lady trying to get the hood up on her 2013 Accord. Dead battery. After jumping her car off, 3 lights were on that weren’t before. ABS, slippery, and brake. I followed your directions and got er on the first try. It’s always nice when we can lift a hand to help someone else, so Thank You much Mr. Rob for passing along your handy information! Take care, Randy

  13. Hello, I want to say thanks very much for this info, it has just worked on my 2006 Honda FRV – had to jump start my car yesterday after it had been parked up for a week – weather has been cold, VSA & ABS lights came on. Absolutley loving it that they have been reset without a visit to a Honda main dealer. Once again can’t thank you enough 🙂

  14. Rob, spot on! This was exactly the solution I was looking for. Thank you, I appreciate you sharing this very helpful information.

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