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MicroAir Easy Touch Thermostat Installation & Review — 6 Comments

  1. Outstanding article. I ordered an Easy Touch 355 for my 2018 Entegra Aspire. The current Android Play store app is still Where did you get the 1.1.1 beta?

    • Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy, you actually have the latest version of the Android app. I think what happened is after most of the beta testing was complete, MicroAir changed the versioning. My Android app is currently also and the Thermostat firmware just updated to

    • Hi Randy, I assume you mean from the tstat screen? Yeah, the icons are small and I find I need to tap with a fingernail in the corner where you switch zones to get them to react. Most of the rest of the screen too for that matter.

      Can you switch zones ok via the smartphone app?

      Don’t really know what you mean by “wire ins diagram that is better”.

      If your problems persists I suggest giving MicroAir support a call, they are quite helpful and your best bet if there is some odd issue.

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