Click on the location marker for information about the accuracy of the location data. If you see a light colored circle surrounding the location marker that represents the range of error – the smaller the circle the smaller the error. GPS based data gives the most precise location, but to conserve battery on our devices, we don’t always use GPS to report our position. In that case the location data comes from cell tower triangulation.


Our Current Location — 4 Comments

  1. We have friends just North of this location and are hoping to find a great place to stay once we get our RV and hit the road. Looking forward to your review of the park here!

    • Hi Alex & Cheryl! McKinney COE (Army Core of Engineers) campground is nice enough. A bit noisier than most COE parks, complete with trains, planes and boats and it is busy being in such close proximity to Atlanta. Although, it turns out we hit it during a local spring break week. I would say this is a big rig “accessible” park but not really big rig “friendly”. There are a lot of sites with variable grades that can make maneuvering somewhat challenging. For example, our site #43 is a pull thru, but due to a steep and curved upturn on the exit end, we will need to back out – not a big deal but it just adds some inconvenience. It is an older park and big rig owners will need to pick their sites carefully. So coming here will depend a lot on what you have for a rig. Otherwise it has some beautiful sites (#43 included!) and we have enjoyed our stay very much!

  2. Just wondering how Sparky is doing and thank you both for the great photos, posts, details where Big Rig Entegra can venture easily. Hope you are staying safe. Daphne (cardbunny43 instagram)

    • Hi Daphne! Sparky is doing well and so are we. We just moved off the boat and back to the coach. Sparky misses his daily strolls around the deck watching the fish and birds, but he’s now enjoying walking thru the cool grass and stalking things we can’t see. We’re back on the road Oct 21. We’ll be at Topsail in Dec and Orange Beach in Jan. Stay Well!

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