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The header images are random and will change every time you refresh or change pages within our blog. All these images (with only two exceptions) are taken by us and are from our personal library. They are copyright If you wish to to use any of these photos please ask for permission first.

All of these photos with few exceptions were taken with our smartphones. A few were taken with a compact Panasonic optical zoom camera. The image size has been greatly compressed to save space on the server and to improve load time. If you would like to view and scroll through all the header images, please visit the Header Image Gallery.

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Like the header images the majority of the images in our posts are taken by us and are copyright Please ask for permission before using them for any other purpose.

As with the header images most were taken with our smartphones (currently a Samsung Galaxy Note 5) and a few with a Panasonic optical zoom camera. Older photos may have been taken with an HTC One (Verizon Droid DNA) or an HTC (Sprint) EVO.