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2017 Entegra Aspire/Insignia House Battery Upgrade — 5 Comments

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  2. Rob – Many kudos and thank you so much for the excellent description, After I bought the batteries, cable and the ME-BMK, I did a detailed study, prepared a procedure, and taped up my tools, .I put it all together in my 2017 Aspire we got at the end of June, and everything is playing well together. I got the same answer from Peukert’s Law (2 x 378 Ahr) and entered 760 AHr. The charge time x 125A charge rate agreed well with the meters, using the 100%SOC method. Good agreement also with your load estimates. I’d also like to complement Magnum Energy on their top-notch Tech Support team. Just the same, I don’t recommend this for anyone who isn’t handy at DIY and well versed on the risk (Risk = Consequence of Hazard Occurring x Prob of Occurrence) 🙂

    • The + sign in my comment above should have been an = sign. Everything still going OK with the battery insatllation, and very pleased with it. We can get through seven hours of quiet time without any heroic sacrifices -basically shut the lights off, except for courtesy and stairwell lights. Because I installed the BMK also, I made a little reference guide and laminated it. When I figure out how to post it as an attached file, I’ll send it.

      • Allen, sounds great! (FYI I fixed the + sign in your previous comment). We don’t normally accept uploads due to server space restrictions. However, in this case there a couple of options. 1) You can email the file to me directly (I’ll send you an address separately) and I will store it online and reference it in the blog post with credit to you. File should be a standard format like PDF or JPG 2) You can post the file publicly yourself. I find Google Drive to be quite useful for this purpose, but any other service (Dropbox, etc.) should work as well. Then you can simply post the link here in the comments and/or I can update the battery mod post and include the link with credit to you. Thanks for your contribution!

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