The map below shows all of the campgrounds/resorts we have stayed at from September, 2015 through May, 2022 (2013 and 2014 will be added at a later date). Click on each icon to display the date of our stay and links to the campground website (if there is one), our review and posts about our stay in that area. Hope you find this information helpful!

Once you click to enlarge the map, as you hover over each icon, you’ll see that some of the campgrounds/resorts are designated as “A Favorite”. What determines a favorite to us? It can be based on a number of different factors ranging from the location of the campground, spaciousness and privacy of sites, surroundings, things to do in the area, etc. We tend to favor the Federal and State Parks rather than the high end, more expensive resorts. Obviously our designations are based on our opinion which may be quite different from yours.

  • Green – Free Boondocking & Service Locations
  • Rose – Federal, State, County & City Locations
  • Blue – Private RV Parks


How to use the map browser:

  • Click on the map below to launch the map browser.
  • To zoom, use the zoom tool (+/-) in the left hand corner or the mouse wheel.
  • To move around the map, click the mouse button and drag.
  • If you want to filter by any available map layers click the icon on the left that looks like a stack of coins.