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IMAG2701.jpg All I have to say is that the owner of this restaurant, Mike’s Place, must be a wild and crazy kind of guy! From the exterior and interior decor to the menus to the IMAG3416.jpg placemats, it was hard to figure out what to look at first!

Located at the corner of SR261 and SR43 in Kent, Ohio, if you didn’t know it was a restaurant, you might think it was some type of museum for Star Wars memorabilia or a funky amusement place! Even the building itself is a very strange concoction of “stuff”.

Outside the main entrance is a life sized homemade Star Wars X-Wing Fighter and across from it IMAG3415.jpg is a 180 hp Fageol Twin Coach Engine from 1947. The back of the building looks like the top of a castle and attached to the right hand side is the body of the 1947 Twin Coach (bus) which has been restored and is now part of the restaurant, complete with seating.   Who knows what will be added next!

IMAG3406.jpg Walking in the door was a trip as well – there is “stuff” everywhere from old license plates, old tools, a mannequin of Elvis and soap box derby cars hanging from the ceiling. As you IMAG3411.jpg walk in, to the right is the shell of a huge boat filled with all sorts of paraphenalia, then the entrance to the bus eating area and a huge room in the IMAG3409.jpg back where the bar is.

The walls leading to the rest rooms are covered with old newspaper articles, old pictures of friends of Mike, and even a toilet seat mirror.  The men’s room door handle is a gas pump nozzle!

IMAG2691.jpgWe decided to come here because in addition to it piquing our curiosity, it had really good reviews. But the real clincher was the advertised breakfast special – 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 IMAG3399.jpg sausages, hash browns and toast or French toast or pancakes for $2.99 every day until 10:00 a.m.  Oink! Such a deal!

Lunch and dinner are served here as well so the menu is extensive, everything from burgers to bar-b-que to seafood IMAG3398.jpg to Italian – you name it and they seem to have it!

IMAG3397.jpgEach menu item has some type of  wacky description so you could spend an hour just reading the menu trying to decide what to eat.  Then there are the rules for eating – check out the menu andIMAG3404.jpg Mike’s  rules on their website. Pretty amusing!  Even the place mat was fun to read!

IMAG3407.jpg Our total breakfast tab for two specials came to $10.35 including coffee – the food was very good but IMAG3408.jpg there was a lot of it so we ended up taking half of our hash browns home with us.

The service was excellent and it certainly IMAG2692.jpg was entertaining to say the least!  I wished that we were staying longer in the area so we could go back for lunch or dinner – oh well, maybe next time. If you are ever in the area, it’s worth your time to stop by!

After we left Mike’s, we decided to take a ride into Cuyahoga Falls, which was about 6 miles west of Mike’s Place, thinking there might be some waterfalls or other nice scenery in the area.  Well, maybe there were but we never found them.  We did drive by the Riverwalk area which had some shops and galleries but it was getting late so we elected not to stop.  After driving around for a bit, we headed back to the ranch.



What a hoot! Breakfast at Mike’s Place — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds like a funrestaurant. Where’s the mannequin (picture) of Elvis?

    See you soon. Can’t wait. Linda

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