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Bye Bye New England, Hello Mid-West — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Linda,
    This is our second season as full timers splitting our time between our boat and the coach. We felt those same pangs as we closed up our boat for the winter knowing we wouldn’t be back for 8 months.

    The sun and 70 degree weather right now in Moab Utah made me promptly forget those pangs of sadness!

    We will you be wintering?

    Safe Travels!!!!

    • Hi Brenda,
      Thanks for your comments. Great hearing from fellow full time RV’ers especially those who are also boaters. Interesting that you own a Bayliner. We have been looking at a Bayliner as a possible replacement for our 1985 Chris Craft.

      We had hoped to visit Utah on this trip but we were concerned about the weather this late in the year crossing over the mountains and the Continental Divide from Colorado where we have been for the past month. Maybe next year. Right now we are in Albuquerque but will be heading to AZ tomorrow.

      We’ll be spending December, January and February at Rancho California in Aguanga, CA (near Temecula). We stayed there for a month last February and really enjoyed it.
      Safe travels to you as well.

      • Hi Linda,
        We will be in Palm Springs while you are in Rancho Cali so maybe we can meet and talk boats! We are thinking about doing the Great Loop and it sounds like you have done some of it or all?
        Safe travel!!

        • Hi Brenda,
          Unfortunately all of our boating experience has been limited to Narragansett Bay in RI and Long Island Sound (in our sailboat) so can’t offer any advice about the Great Loop. Let’s stay in touch and maybe we could still meet up anyway. How long are you staying in Palm Springs?

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