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2017 Entegra Aspire/Insignia House Battery Upgrade — 3 Comments

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  2. Rob – Many kudos and thank you so much for the excellent description, After I bought the batteries, cable and the ME-BMK, I did a detailed study, prepared a procedure, and taped up my tools, .I put it all together in my 2017 Aspire we got at the end of June, and everything is playing well together. I got the same answer from Peukert’s Law (2 x 378 Ahr) and entered 760 AHr. The charge time x 125A charge rate agreed well with the meters, using the 100%SOC method. Good agreement also with your load estimates. I’d also like to complement Magnum Energy on their top-notch Tech Support team. Just the same, I don’t recommend this for anyone who isn’t handy at DIY and well versed on the risk (Risk + Consequence of Hazard Occurring x Prob of Occurrence) 🙂

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