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Shake Down Cruise to Stone Mountain — 2 Comments

  1. Talk of blasting Stone Mountain scares me – shades of the Taliban. We can’t rewrite or erase our history, only learn from it. The Civil War happened, we got past it.

    Stone Mountain is a great place to visit (1978). I remember the cable car rides. Going up, we were in the front of the not-so-crowded car and had a fantastic view of the monument. Going down, we were also in the front of the car. Ask Burl, who is extremely challenged by heights, about the experience. I had to pry him out of the car and find the nearest bench to sit him down because he could barely stand, much less walk.

    • I totally agree with you. Blasting the Memorial isn’t going to change history. Poor Burl. I don’t like heights either but I’m not that bad.

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