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Honda ABS & VSA Dash Lights Stay On? – Easy Fault Reset Procedure. — 318 Comments

  1. I was very lucky found out this article. Why Honda has this problem? They just want to make more people go to their dealer to fix this problem but not the problem? Thank you very much Rob.

    • Glad to be of help! Not sure, but I might not totally lay blame on Honda, I think it is just a glitch that happens from time to time on the CAN (OBDII) network, Honda may be somewhat at the mercy of the third parties that supply that standardized software/hardware environment.

      • Hey I have the same problem with my 2011 TL… my problem is I have a push button so there is no way for me to put it into ignition 2 while the foot is on the brake. Do you have any suggestions?

      • My Dad’s father in law just has this problem with his ridge line and I followed the procedure stop by step, it reset the fault codes on the dash, but the battery was still dead so we couldn’t start it right away, my dad came home and was pissed at me for doing this, I was just trying to help, they jumped it off but now that he’s killed the ignition its not cranking again and he says the a/c isn’t blowing, can this procedure mess the vehicle up?

        • No it should not cause any problems. It sounds like you have a dead battery. The procedure is intended to clear the ABS/VSA error lights that often occur due to a low voltage “glitch” from a dead or weak battery. If you have a weak or dead battery get that fixed before you do anything else. If the procedure does not clear the VSA/ABS lights after fixing the battery then you may have an actual mechanical failure. Any other problems you have are unrelated.

          • I followed the steps, ABS blinked twice, turned off key and took off jumper, now my car wont turn over. Battery is charged. It just beeps and wont start. not sure what to do. Thanks for any input.

          • Jeff, sorry to hear that. Looking thru the comments there were two cases (out of hundreds of successes) with a similar problem. One mentioned a blown fuse (although the OBD jumper won’t do that if inserted in the correct pins) and another mentioned an issue with the “immobilizer” which I think has to do with keyless systems. You didn’t say year, model, or if keyless, but check the ignition related fuses and the keyfob immobilizer if keyless. Do you have any add-on security system? You could try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes to reset everything. You could also try with the shift in neutral. Good luck.

          • Thanks for input Rob. It ended up being my battery. Your method for clearing dashboard worked just fine. Thanks!!

          • My VSA light was on along with several others -the dealership told me it would be $4000 to fix as it was a failed VSA module: I took it home unplugged the VSA module waited 10 seconds and plugged it back in everything is now fixed. This is why I don’t trust dealerships!

        • Did you ever find out how to get your car started? i followed the steps , but my battery was charged, now car wont turn over. Just wondering what you did to remedy this problem. thanks

      • I have a 2009 crv Honda- abs vas& triangle all stay on- your method clears them but they all come back on with in a few hundred feet- was wondering if the valve stem sensors in the wheels could cause this- I have one wheel that just has an ordinary valve stem in it- interestingly enough the tpms or low pressure lights do not come on& seem to work- I thought those sensors were for tire pressure- I’ve replaced all 4 wheel sensors & have checked for continuity back to the abs module- was wondering if there was a way to test the sensors at the wheels with a multi meter & turn wheel by hand- I don’t have a scanner that works in the abs system

        • Raymond, yeah it sounds like you have a deeper issue. I’m not a mechanic but I doubt it has anything to do with the TPMS. I think you are on the right track tho troubleshooting the ABS sensors and module. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck!

    • 2011 accord k24z3 had a blowout r.rear at 140kmh on a steep downhill ridge while negotiating a bend .TSA system prevented me from spinning off the road a few times while bringing the car to a safe stop. Whew. TSA does not throw a code on my android app/smartphone. Did try battery disconnect blahs blahs…Thank you Rob worked first time.

    • Had the vsa and abs light on after driving about an hour with abs always being applied softly when driving under 40 mph and hard abs when stopping. Had the abs sensor replaced 4 times. Finally Honda found the problem, the old abs sensor had broken inside the brake ball bearing. The rotation of the wheel grinded the plastic abs part into the metal surface groove of the bearing and coated it and grounded it down not allowing the new sensor to receive and maintain the vsa signal to do its job. Pass this on. It will solve many an abs vsa problem.

    • My 2012 Honda Civic DX sat one day and battery was dead. Jumped it and it had ABS/VSA/power steering lights. After replacing alternator and battery the lights were still on. Thought it was a bad abs modulator that was constantly running draining the battery. Did this and it fixed my civic and car is perfect. I feel like I owe you money now.

    • Thx for the help ROB, took a couple of tries but cleared the fault and saved an expensive trip to the Dealer. Thank you very much.

      Nigel, British Columbia

    • Yes, thanks worked like a champ, but went to get my 2012 odyssey smogged and would not pass, needed to do a drive cycle.

      • Rob, thanks for sparing me a Saturday at the dealership + the min $79 Svc charge. Took 3 attempts of pushing through my increasingly challenged dexterity, failing eyesight and creaky old bones, but finally cleared the low voltage code in my 2012 Odyssey. ABS and VSA lights restored to normal and power doors open with ignition on!

        My message to others: If at first you don’t succeed….(I was not going to try a 4th time, so got lucky)

    • Omg!!!!! Thank goodness for people like you!!! 2012 Odyssey. I’m not sure what combination worked, but 10 minutes worth of trying and the doors work!

    • Great I found this. Have 2017 Accord, battery died, restarted had the flashing ABS/Traction/TPMS lights, checked all fuses etc, then this simple procedure worked. Thank you

    • Can I say DO NOT try the paperclip method..I just tried it and blew a fuse ..my car entertainment system and central locking now doesn’t work!

    • Worked well on a 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring. Like many others, I too did not get it to work in first few tries but the rapid brake release did the trick. Thank you to the OP. Saved me a bunch of money!

  2. Can you also send me the pictures? I can’t see them. I need to try this on my own before I take it to a dealership. Thank you!

  3. This worked for my 2015 Honda Accord. My ABS, VSA and Tire Pressure warning light stayed on after I replaced my front rotors and pads. I had turned the car on to use the power steering while the brake calipers were unbolted. I think this triggered the indicators. This video helped me to reset the indicator lights.

    • Could be, but it would seem unlikely that a fuse would blow during this process. First make sure the switch for the sliding doors is turned to the on position. The switch is above the two sliding door buttons on the left side of the dash, see last photo in the blog post.

      Next, open and close all the doors, then start up the car and try again. Seems to me, immediately after the reset, or a battery disconnect, the door motors would not work, but after a couple of ignition cycles they went back to normal.

      If that doesn’t work for sure check the fuses, there are several fuse box locations, check the owner’s manual for where they are and which fuses are involved.

  4. Thanks for providing such great value. After a couple of attempts, I was able to reset and clear out the abs and traction light. Thanks once again Rob.

  5. Thank you for publishing these instructions. Just a heads up to future readers. This didn’t work for me on my 2011 Odyssey the first 5+ times I tried it. The ABS light would go off the first time as the instructions describe but would not come back on. However, I kept trying. I can’t be sure what, if anything but persistence, made the difference. I do think, because I was becoming more familiar with the instructions, that I was releasing the brake pedal quicker after the ABS light went off on the last try so perhaps that made a difference. So my advice is keep trying if it doesn’t work at first and continue to review the instructions each time to make sure you are following them to the letter (e.g., I don’t think I removed the keys as instructed in step 1 the first couple of tries).

  6. Thanks for the big help.I tried it 4 to 5 x and It didn’t work until i read the comment from Shawn to release the brake quickly and it worked.Thank you Guys!

    • Herman, thanks for the details of your experience! I’ll update the post to mention releasing the brake quickly. Appreciate your comment!

  7. This is miraculous! Had this problem today after getting my battery replaced. I knew it would cause problems, so I went out in the rain tonight to fix it. Using Shawn’s suggestion to release the pedal quickly, I fixed it on the first try. Thank you SO much for this awesome information. It sounds like it’s saved a lot of people a lot of hassle and money!


    • Sorry, I lost your message. Should not affect the engine as far as I know, perhaps you have some other or an additional issue of some kind. Sorry I wasn’t more help.

    • Probably worth a try, otherwise it’s a trip to the shop. Can’t hurt anything, but keep in mind if it’s a more serious issue the lights may come back on.

  9. Today is Jan. 2, 2019….I just did my 2011 Odyssey with this VSA/ABS and Power Sliding Doors issues and it did worked the first try..Thank you!

  10. Has anyone tried this on a 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. Lights are on for us after we had to jump our battery. Read in another thread that someone blew fuses trying this method on a 4th Gen Odyssey.


      • just tried it. worked like a charm on the first go! well, the second go. i don’t think i had the paperclip all the way in the first time. if placed correctly, the error codes show up on the dash. if not placed correctly, the codes don’t show up. thanks again for the trick. oh the wonders of google and smart people that want to help people out!

        • Fantastic! You have no idea how satisfying it is to get a comment like this from you and so many others. So glad it helped. Pay it forward… Cheers, Rob

  11. Thank you! Ever since the dealer replaced the battery in our 2012 Odyssey a few days ago, we’ve had the exact same problems with the dash warning lights and power doors. I followed your steps and it worked perfectly! (Released the brake quickly.) Saved me a trip back to the dealer!

  12. Afternoon! I was leaving a doctors app. this afternoon and saw a lady trying to get the hood up on her 2013 Accord. Dead battery. After jumping her car off, 3 lights were on that weren’t before. ABS, slippery, and brake. I followed your directions and got er on the first try. It’s always nice when we can lift a hand to help someone else, so Thank You much Mr. Rob for passing along your handy information! Take care, Randy

  13. Hello, I want to say thanks very much for this info, it has just worked on my 2006 Honda FRV – had to jump start my car yesterday after it had been parked up for a week – weather has been cold, VSA & ABS lights came on. Absolutley loving it that they have been reset without a visit to a Honda main dealer. Once again can’t thank you enough 🙂

  14. Rob, spot on! This was exactly the solution I was looking for. Thank you, I appreciate you sharing this very helpful information.

  15. Need help attempted this procedure and apparently has completely messed something up after doing the pin in the OBD my brake pedal has no vacuum to it my van will not start and I cannot get it to shift out of park. What have I done what do I need to do to fix this I have too many kids to not have my van

    • oh yeah and I have unhooked the battery and hooked it back up I have also checked the main fuse it is not blown I have power to everything I can’t even think of what to try next that it could be

      • Caryn, sorry but it sounds like you need to visit a repair shop, the problem appears to be more involved than just a simple glitch.

    • Sorry to hear you have been unsuccessful and it didn’t work for you, it has worked for many, many others. Keep in mind this procedure is to clear a harmless but annoying glitch that can occur from time to time. If you have an actual legitimate fault or failure it will not help and you will need to visit a repair shop.

  16. The procedure only worked temporary for me. It clears all the lights but they come right back on as soon as you pull off. I have already changed the sensor. But I had changed the hub barrings because they were bad.

    • Kevin, thanks for the report. Good for others to take note that the posted procedure will reset the issue if caused by a random glitch, but an actual mechanical or electrical failure will require that the problem be repaired.

    • Pete, sorry to hear that. The procedure will fix the problem if it is just a random glitch, but you may very well have an actual mechanical or electrical failure. Others have reported issues with the ABS sensors and even bearing issues that cause the ABS sensors to malfunction. Good luck!

  17. 2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L – had issue with ABS and TRaction control lights on, door would not open unless ignition off. This procedure with pin 4 and 9 and light braking worked quickly, thanks. Practiced once, got on 2nd try. If not covered by warranty (or Honda claims damage), Honda wanted $280 just to diagnose.

  18. I’m embarrassed to say I had a little dyslexic episode and shorted the opposite end of the connector pins 5 and 16. The engine turns over but won’t run. Does anyone know which fuse(s) I burned out on my 2007 Honda Pilot?

    • Ooops! Sorry I don’t know off hand, pin 5 is ground, not sure what pin 15 is used for. I hope you got it going…

  19. A little additional information on my pin 5 to 16 faux pas, the engine appears not to run due to the system not being able to recognize the ignition key. Also, my CAN OBDII reader does not power up when I plug it in.

  20. Tried this on my ’05 Pilot, blew a fuse twice. It activates the imobelizer and can will not start until fuse is replaced. Any other suggestions?

  21. Question before I have my hisband try this, my lights came on after I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffice for an hour, accelaroration went to heck . Made it home and when I turned on Van light was aoff but came back on a few miles down the ran. Do you think this is the same as the issue you addressed

    • Hmmmm, sounds like something more serious may be at play. When I had the ABS/VSA lights on it never affected acceleration.

  22. My 2016 Accord had the ABS, VAS, EPS & TPM lights on the dashboard due to low voltage battery last night. Battery changed but those said lights remain on. Short pinning 4 & 9 on the OBD connector using a paper clip did the trick for the ABS, VAS & EPS. For the TPM, tried another method by resetting the TPM button and worked. Did not have any tire pressure issues prior to low voltage battery but will go to shop to make sure tire pressures are all intact. Thank you for this suggestion and cost me NOTHING which was the awesome part. THANK YOU!!!!

  23. It worked great on the third time. 2012 Odyssey EX. The trick seemed to be moving quick on and off the brake. Really appreciate the work you did on this Rob! Thanks for taking the time to post!

  24. Recently had front and back breaks put on my 2012 Honda Accord. When I picked up my car, the VSA and ABS lights came on and stays on. Also the Brake light comes on and goes off after I stop. Everything worked fine before I put breaks on the car. What do you think could be wrong?

    • I think I would go right back to the shop that did you brakes and let them resolve it. If the brake light comes on that could mean low fluid in the brake system – ?? Be careful and good luck!

  25. Hello Sir,
    Your instructions were crystal clear and perfect. I had a low battery problem and after fixing the charged battery, I found out these ABS and VSA lights. My car never moved, so these problems should not have been there (so was sure, it is just a computer glitch).
    Just followed the instructions as mentioned and in the second trial, the lights had gone.
    Just for information, my car is Honda Accord 2.4L, 2011 model (Right Hand Drive for India).

    • Munazzir, that’s fantastic, glad it worked for you. Thanks for the feedback, good to know this works on at least some Honda products outside the US market.

  26. 2016 Honda CRV: Had Tire Pressure, VSA, ABS and Power Steering lights come on after sitting in 30 min of traffic. Took it to honda and it was the left front wheel speed sensor that needed replacing. That one sensor feeds information to all these systems

  27. Another successful reset. 2nd Try. Although, after the double blink, the light did come back on for a second, then went off and stayed off. Tested starting up the car it it stayed off. Love free fixes!

  28. I put in the fifth instead of the forth and in 9 and my car don’t want to power on. Is it possible to destroy my computer bord?

    • Pin 4 and pin 5 are both ground conductors so that error would not hurt anythung. Sounds like you have a “real” issue and not just the “glitch” the procedure can resolve. Is your battery dead?

  29. I followed the procedure many times. When i short the pins i get tpms sign blinking also b1241 – 51 code blinking. Pls help.

    • Khaled, seems like you have a more serious situation. You could try googling the code, but that’s beyond my ability to help. Unfortunately you are probably going to need professional help.

    • Don’t know for sure, but seems to work on most Honda models of that vintage. Also depends if your problem is just the “glitch” often caused by a weak or dead battery, or something more serious.

    • Tom, thanks for your report, you may have a more serious issue than just the “glitch” usually caused by a low or dead battery.

  30. how long we have to hold the brakes until the light disappears.
    also there was blinking “NO” on the trip meter , is it normal

  31. Many have reported that they found it necessary to release the brake very quickly after the light comes on in step 4 and 6. Sorry, I have no idea about the tripmeter message.

  32. I just messed first step , did short on pin 5 and 13, now having multiple failures , cabin lights , display, door locks, and some gauges

    • Ugh. I don’t know what pin 13 does (if anything) except it is unique to Honda. Pin 5 is ground. You may want to try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and hope that does a reset.

  33. I’ve been having trouble with non opening sliding doors and with VSA, and ABS lights on. This occurred after I changed the hub bearing and the CV axle on the right front of my 2011 Odyssey. I had to drill out the ABS speed sensor, but I did this with the spindle hub still on the car and the CV axle in place as well. I did drill a small indent into the bearing race along side the knuckle area. I removed the CV axle to see why or if there was a problem with the speed sensor after having the VSA and ABS lights come on. Found some plastic still attached to the knuckle inside between the speed sensor and bearing. Cleaned that all out but had to remove the speed sensor and reclean and drill the holes out better. While putting it all back together, I cracked the housing of the speed sensor but the wires were still intact. So I figured what the hell. I placed back together with it being cracked cause I special ordered it from a after market auto parts store. After placing it back together, VSA and ABS lights were still on. Every time I worked on the Odyssey, I did disconnect the negative cable. After finding that the lights were still on, I special order another ABS speed sensor from the dealership and installed the sensor but lights are still on.. Just saw your article and looking forward to trying your solution tomorrow and pray it works.

  34. Wow Rob you are genius. Not sure how you figured this out. Worked first time. I had quite a scare when this happened as I had my family in the van and could not open the sliding doors. Just by chance I shut the engine and removed the key that helped open the sliding doors. What a relief it was not a major problem.

    • Thanks Samir, glad it worked our for you. Don’t think I am a genius as I got a lot of the info from research and other sources. Maybe I just did a pretty good job of documenting it. Cheers!

  35. Thanks it worked for me on Honda Odyssey 2013XL lights went on after original battery failed
    and it was replaced in Honda Dealer . I noticed lights an my way home from dealership.:( Call them next day They said bring the car back for investigation.
    What is important during the procedure is released the break pedal immediately after the ABS light goes off .


  37. Hello Rob,
    My Honda accord of 2011 hat the problem after standing still for 2 weeks. The battery is 2 years old and he started quickly, so I am pretty sure that it was not the battery. After your trick everything is back to normal. Thumbs up! With me it worked after I release the brake the 3rd time. Indeed, it seems that it is important to quickly release the brake after the ABS light goes out. I saw that the display also shows a DTC code if the bridging of pins 4 and 9 is in the connector. There was DTC B2375 PA74. This should say something about the rain sensor for the windscreen wiper. The wipers work great so don’t know what the problem might be. I had no DTC error in my OSB2 app. Thank you for this great solution.
    Regards, Jan

  38. Wow! The power of the internet. Thank you so much. Fixed my car. You are awesome!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  39. Worked on my 2012 odyssey, but wouldn’t pass smog after. I read somewhere to do a drive cycle which some of you may have to do after this procedure.

  40. Glad I found your post. 2011 CRZ w/ 40,000 and dealer wanted $3000+ to replace ABS module. Saw your post and decided to give it a shot. Lights went off and have driven several times and so far have stayed off. Usually electronic things like modules either work or don’t and are either good or bad in my experience. They don’t fix their self.
    Thank you

  41. Did this just tonight on our 2013 Odyssey EX-L. I had to jump-start it this morning after the key was left on overnight and the ABS/VSA lights came on after starting. Thought I had maybe blown the ABS module during the jump-start. The sliding doors were acting weird too (not wanting to open) and it turns out that was tied to the ABS glitch. This reset procedure seems to have fixed both problems. Thanks for posting this!

  42. Hello Rob…My battery went dead after not driving for several months. Charged the battery on my 2012 Honda Civic CNG model and once started, had the VSA, ABS, brakes and power steering items pop up on my screen. I did exactly as described here but got TPMS DTC 00 then on the next line DTC No and down in the lower left, V-Diag on my screen. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    • Dave, sorry I am not a mechanic, but it sounds like your problem may be more involved than the “glitch” my procedure helps with.

      • Thanks Rob…It’s just sitting in my driveway for now but thinking it’s time to sell since I barely use it anymore.

    • Dave, my 2012 accord said “no” in the odometer screen I just did it anyway and it worked. My issue was a jump gone bad with reversed polarity………. Check your fuses first. There are fuses, at least in my accord in 3 different locations and there are several for the components you list. They are primarily under the hood in my car. I didnt suffer any fuse damage that I have found so far. I would imagine it’s totally possible you could blow a fuse hooking up the battery. In any event, if it’s not fuses, and the reset doesnt work you might need to go by a shop.

  43. Rob, thank you for publishing this on the website you sure help a lot of people like me. Own an odyssey 2011 touring and one morning I could not get my car started. The battery went dead, can not shift out of park, ABS and VSA dash lights stay on and the power sliding doors won’t open.
    My friend Wes and I tried for hours to look for solutions on on You Tube until I found yours on Google. We followed your trouble shooting instruction and to our amazement it work like wonders. Again thank you for your help. God bless you always….

  44. This fixed the ABS issue on my 2012 Odyssey Ex-L, but now the side doors won’t respond to the buttons at all. No beeping or attempts to open or close them. They still work manually. And the rear lift gate button now only unlatches the rear door, it doesn’t open or close it. And it won’t manually unlatch either – it only unlatches through the dash button, but no power movement. Weird.

    • That is weird, I know the lack of the ABS sensing will inhibit the doors but if it’s working again the function should be restored. Did you start the car up, turn it off a couple times, I’m pretty sure I needed to do that for everything to go back to normal. Also check that the on/off switch for the doors (just above the door buttons on the dash) is set to on.

      • Wrestled with this some more and thought about it a lot. It seemed like a fuse issue, but no matter what I tried, it wouldn’t work. The punchline is: My mechanic was able to help me get this working again. And it was the fuses. Two of them!

        Basically, when I did the short, I managed to blow not one but two fuses. I’m not sure which ones exactly, unfortunately, as my mechanic messed around with it for a bit for me, and I wasn’t right there with him. But the door locks worked fine, so they had to do with the motor for the doors and rear lift gate.

        My experience with doing the short was that it worked the first time, but I didn’t do the brake-depressing quick enough. So I tried again, and couldn’t get it to work. I removed the paperclip I was using, and had to reinsert it a few times before finally getting it to work again. I’m pretty confident I put one of the paperclips in the wrong hole at one point during my attempts which is what led to this.

        In talking to my mechanic, who I definitely trust, he was really clear that this could have been a LOT worse. He said if this ever happens again (battery dies and codes like ABS coming up), just bring it to him and he’ll clear them the right way for free. I would imagine other trustworthy mechanics that people who have relationships with may do the same, or for a very small fee. Or at the very least you can throw them a $20 or something as gratitude.

        That said, I do appreciate this advice and post, and am glad to have tried it out. And it almost worked, no problem! I think if someone is completely rock solid they are in the right holes and have the brake-depressing down, then go for it.

        But definitely be completely sure you are in the right holes!

  45. 2011 Odyssey EX-L, 96k miles on it, the two lights came on this morning out of the blue, had same sliding door issues as noted many times above. Read, re-read, read a third time, found a paper clip in the back of my desk drawer, and headed out to the car with a flashlight. BTW, I’m very good at following instructions exactly as written.

    First attempt, it worked. Lights went out. Disconnected the jumper (and put it in the pull-out drawer above the cool box), Ignition off. Started car, no lights, sliding doors worked as before. Will be monitoring the battery as it’s been a few years since changed, and that seems to be the trigger for this to happen. Battery has not gone dead since it was replaced.

    Thank you for posting this procedure! It was very well written.

    • Rob, thanks for reporting your experience! Agree, keep an eye on the battery, clean the terminals, etc. Low battery voltage seems to trigger this “glitch”. Good luck.

  46. I am so thankful that I found your writings here. That really worked for my 2011 honda odyssey 174k miles.
    You released the stress from those lights on not only save money. Thank you ao much. God bless you.

  47. Rob,
    Both indicators stayed on right after I changed a new battery. I tried your instruction…
    Many THANKS to you as it worked for my Odyssey 2011!!! Make sure “release the brake pedal QUICKLY after the light comes on.”

  48. This year I also had this problem and the indicated procedure worked for me but the error came back fairly quickly and kept coming back in higher and higher frequency until the lights no longer went out. Installed a new battery and changing the brake oil did not help. Eventually the ABS pump turned out to be defective. After a revision of the pump (260 Euro) the problem is completely gone. The procedure had to be carried out one more time to get the lights out. Then I also felt a difference in the brake pedal. The pressure in the brake pedal changed during the procedure. I had never felt this before. Fortunately, the Christmas tree is now out on my dashboard.

    • Jan, thank you for your report! Goes to show that if the lights won’t go out, or continue to come back on, there is more than just a glitch and an actual mechanical issue probably exists.

  49. Just had to replace the alternator on our 2011 Honda Odyssey that had caused the battery to completely drain. Once replaced and the battery recharged the abs and vsa indicators would not turn off. Used your procedure using quick brake pedal releases and lights turned and have remained off first time. Thanks!

  50. Thank you, it worked for me as well😁 I just replaced the alternator and couldn’t figure out why these were on or how to clear them…. worked like a charm

  51. Hi, pleas help!

    I did the procedure on 2008 accord. The ABS light blinks two times but it stays on. I tried many time Does this mean its a serious problem or a fuse?? I checked the abs fuse under the hood, its ok

  52. Thank you! Worked great on a 2014 Accord EX-L with Push-Button start. If it wasn’t already noted, Begin with the original instructions of inserting the jumper. Do not step on the brake, but press the start button once to get to accessory (or ‘I’). Now follow the original steps by stepping on the brake and pressing the start button again, this will get you to ‘II’ but will not start the engine.

  53. BADA BING SIR. Fixed me, only no abs light , just the check engine, now abs /vsa/f/a problem gone. Going to drive it a few drive cycles to be sure, but the proverbial light came on when you mentioned low battery, which we replaced a few months ago. I was messing around at the fuse panel and noticed a missing fuse which I replaced only to be nailed with the tdcs. Very astute observation and remedy. I am a mechanic of 30 years , but you saved me potentially spending way too much time messing with it. Thank you one final time, good to find a fellow who knows his s#&t. Cheers

  54. I have a question hopefully you can answer it. I tried the reset procedure and when I turn the key to acc while holding the brake, the abs comes on once and I let go but does not come on a second time to hold the brake pedal down. thank you for your time

    • Sorry, it may not work for all Honda models, or you may have a “real” problem. Try a few more times, as many have reported the timing is very critical.

  55. hi,i have a FRV and had battery trouble due to the lock down. VSA light has come on. Would the OBD connector pin be the same as i have tried it a few times??

    • Sorry, I don’t know. Pin 9 on the OBD used in this procedure is “vendor specific” so it’s function is subject to vary between manufacturer and even between models. It’s possible it is not the same on the FRV as other Honda models. Sorry!

  56. Worked for me on my 2012 Odyssey, saving potentially 100s of $$$. After dead battery and jump, sliding doors won’t work and ABS lights ON. We were too focused on the sliding doors and reset some fuse until we saw your blog. Fixing the ABS lights fixed everything.

  57. I hope this helps I just replaced my alternator and this happened. I am gonna try this and see if is works tomorrow. I already took screen shots of the steps. You may have saved me another trip to the dealership next week.

  58. Please help, i was driving my car honda civic 2010 and dash board was indicating VSA light and then car was not moving. Sametime enginelight wss indicating. I did resart the car and VSA indicator was disappeared. But engine light indicator remains?

    • Sorry, I am not a mechanic. This post is about fixing a common “glitch” where the VSA and ABS lights are reporting a problem that doesn’t
      really exist, usually after a dead battery. It sounds like you have some other issue, suggest you contact a reputable service shop that can diagnose your “check engine” light.

  59. 2011 Honda Crv Abs And Vsc light both on after a dead battery Every step in the directions is working fine but at the end I aM getting 3 blinking lights instead of 2 following the directions after that the lights are still staying on I have tried seveal time Any Ideas with the light blinking 3 times compared to the 2 times Thanks

  60. I have a honda civic 2015 EX, my VSA, abs and power staring light come on after changing front wheel baring, does this fusing 4 to 9 obd work on my car too?

    • Don’t know. Perhaps the ABS sensor was disturbed (or broken?) during the bearing fix? I’m not an expert, just passing along what works when the battery goes dead and generates a “glitch”. Probably won’t hurt to try it tho. Good luck.

  61. This worked on my 2014 Honda Odyssey EX-L. I swapped the battery and a “FCW system failed” warning light came on. The sliding doors wouldn’t work properly. I was able to fix the doors, but not the warning light. My local mechanic did not find a fault and the local Honda dealer wanted $180 just to hook it up to their computer. I scoured the net and found this blog. You saved me $$$!!! Thank you!!!

  62. It works on a push-start Honda! I installed a new battery on my 2014 Honda Odyssey EX-L. The “FCW system failed” warning starting flashing and the power sliding doors wouldn’t work. I was able to fix the sliding door, but the “FCW system failed” warning remained. My local mechanic couldn’t fix it, and the local Honda dealer wanted $180 just to hook it up to the computer. After scouring the web, I found this site. After two tries, problem solved. I followed the direction you posted, pressed the push start, stepped on the brake pedal, after the ABS warning light flashed and disappeared, my Odyssey is back to normal. Thank you! You saved me lots of $$$!!!

  63. My car is 2013 Honda Odyssey too.
    I found ABS and VSA warning light after replacing the battery.
    And both sliding door also did not work during engine running.
    But I fixed all after reading your report.

    Thank you so much your information.

    Have a safe journey!

  64. Mine is a CRV the lights stayed on after the shocks where replaced, the one shock has a level sensor, mine was faulty I had to pay the full price at Honda for the repair, they canceled the diagnostic charge at least.

    • Hi, this procedure is to reset a glitch with the VSA and ABS lights that happens sometimes, especially when the battery gets low or goes dead. It sounds like you may have some other issue which could be an actual hardware failure. If the issue is not corrected by trying the procedure described in the post you should talk to a Honda service center. Sorry, I am not a mechanic, I just had the glitch happen on my own Honda and shared the procedure to reset it.

  65. Worked like a charm. Thanks for posting this. 5 min search on web and 10 min trying, saved a couple hours and some cash if had to go to a dealer!

  66. Thanks Rob. Honda Accord 2014 with Push-Button start. TSA and ABS light on after battery replacement, worked perfectly.

  67. Same procedure with a keyless system. While pressing the brake and pushing start button the 09 Acura TL AWD will start. Is this a concern?

    • WorldExpy in the comments posted this, let me know if it helps:
      “Thank you! Worked great on a 2014 Accord EX-L with Push-Button start. If it wasn’t already noted, Begin with the original instructions of inserting the jumper. Do not step on the brake, but press the start button once to get to accessory (or ‘I’). Now follow the original steps by stepping on the brake and pressing the start button again, this will get you to ‘II’ but will not start the engine.”

      • I mistype my comment, first sentence was a question “Same procedure with a keyless system?” I will try what you said.

      • I did what you suggested however car attempted to start but did not, so I continue with original instructions anyways, at the end the ABS light flashes three times and remains on.

  68. I had the same problem yesterday. Btw, I had ABS, LKAS, CMBS, and a host of other error codes that have triggered. It was due to a weak battery (4 yr old, 70k miles). Once I jumpstarted the car, and drove it for 5 min (to recharge the battery turning off some of the accessories dependent on the battery like AC, music player etc), I’ve pulled out to a safe location to stop and turned off the engine for 5 min. Then, I restarted the engine and drove the car back home for 5 min, and all the error codes were gone. For now, I am good and definitely need to replace the battery sometime soon.

  69. After completing the reset, when I start the car the RPM’s will Rev to redline, there was no issue with the engine prior to the reset, any suggestions?

  70. Buenas noches…saludos desde Mexico….tengo un problema en mi Honda CRV 2006…lo que pasa es que el modulo del ABS continua funcionando aun apagado el motor…..ya lo revisaron pero me dicen que es el Relay del ABs….alguien sabra donde se localiza….o….ha tenido este problema y como solucionarlo….muchas gracias

  71. My triangle light comes on first after 30 seconds drive the ABS and Vsa lights comes on .2009 honda pilot

  72. Replaced my battery and ABS stayed on. Worked for 2011 Odyssey EX on the first try! Thanks for the tip.

  73. Thank you Rob. My 2016 odyssey is fixed. It happened camping trip after battery was dead and jumped. I replaced my battery but VSA and ABS light was still on. I read your article and used paper clip. It worked. At first time, It didn’t work but it work second time. Thank you again.

  74. ’15 Odyssey – preemptively changed my battery because it was 6 years old.
    Didn’t have VSA or ABS lights on, my issue is now I can’t change vehicle settings. Brings up the “Unable to Complete” message. Some have reported that this reset will fix that but after about 10 unsuccessful attempts I guess I’m just going to have to learn to live with the default vehicle settings.

  75. This worked for me on my 2011 odyssey! I actually gave up, got mad and went back later to make it work! Keep trying and don’t give up!!

  76. This worked perfectly on our 2012 Odyssey. Thank you so much for sharing this. Now the question is, who and how was this figured out?

    • So I don’t remember exactly but when I had the problem with my Odyssey several years back, somehow I managed to get access to some service documents and found it there. I rewrote the procedure to be easier to follow and posted it. Glad it’s been useful to so many Honda owners.

  77. CRV 2013. I left the sidelights on for several hours and the battery went flat. I got a jump-start from a friend and shortly afterwards several dashboard warning lights came on and stayed on. PS, AWD, Traction, etc. I’ll cut to the fix. The front offside wheel speed sensor had failed and this caused the dashboard warning lights to come on and stay on. It’s a simple job to remove the sensor and replace with a new one. I bought the part for about £25 UK. It took me 20 minutes to replace. The local Honda dealer wanted £600 to fix the fault. This would include the replacement of a wheel bearing. Of course this quote was given verbally. They couldnt put it in writing.

  78. Honda CRV 2013. A faulty wheel speed sensor caused several dashboard warning lights to appear. PS, ABS, TPMS, The vehicle will switch to AWD These lights will stay on until the faulty sensor is replaced.. Replacement sensor can easily be obtained for about £25 UK Beware of taking the vehicle into the Honda main dealer. Diagnosis and repair charges are very expensive

  79. Check the wheel sensors. A faulty wheel sensor caused most of my dashboard warning lights to come on and they would not reset. The car also switched into permanent AWD. Replacing the faulty sensor cleared down the warning lights and cleared the AWD. Typical sensor cost is £25 UK. Beware, a Honda dealer might rip you. I was quoted £600 to sort it. It took me 20 minutes

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