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Installing an SMI Air-Force-One Towed Vehicle Braking System On A Late Model Spartan Mountain Master Tag Axle Chassis — 6 Comments

  1. This was a fantastic post and made installing on my 2013 Entegra Anthem very easy

    Hardest part for me being 6’2 and 200 pounds was to get up above the tag to hook up the primary air hose. Other than that the install was flawless

    Thank again

    • Glad to be of help Phil! Yes, its really tight in there, but it would be much worse if trying to do the install over the drive axle!

  2. I wanted to add one more thing. There are a total of 3 air tanks on a 2013 Entegra anthem that are located just in front of the front passenger tire

    If you lay flat and crawl under the coach where the steps are. Look up and you will see 3 air tank cables with loops on the end. Tie a short rope on each loop and pull them out past the tire. Once you are out from under the coach pull each rope till all the air is out of the tanks

    Once all the air is emptied you are safe to move forward with your install

    • Thanks Phil! Yes, on the Anthem all three tank drain lanyards are in front of the right front tire. On the Aspire, two lanyards are in that spot and the third is in the passenger side rear wheel well (at least for 2013 models, if anyone finds otherwise for later years please post a comment here).

  3. Phil,
    This was a great post, I’m glad I found it. Using your instructions I just installed the Air Force One on a 2017 Aspire. All three tanks are still at the front. I did one thing different and that was to mount the AFO Assembly at the rear of the coach on the left side of the engine compartment just below the air filter. Much easier to get to. thanks again for your detailed description of everything, it made this job so much easier. I didn’t see your email but if you want I can send a picture of where I installed the AFO Assembly.

    • Rob, thanks for the info! I will be doing the install on a 2017 soon as well! Would love to see the photos. I’ll send you my email. BTW I am also a Rob, the original writer of the post. Thanks for the feedback!


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