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Well when you are in Elkhart, Indiana of course!

No, this is not one of my weird martini induced rants about time travel or parallel universes. This is real – VERY real. And it involves….wait for it…..BREAKFAST!

Specifically, eggs. Yeah I know my fascination with eggs is a bit bizarre, but it’s three for three so far, so it MUST be true! Elkhartians have somehow found a way to circumvent the egg-istential mathematical realities that we have practiced our whole lives! This egg-ceptional phenomenon seems to be centered around Elkhart, although it is possible that there are other parts of the world where it might egg-sist too.

20151022_100807.jpgOur first exposure to this kink in the egg-math continuum was at Callahan’s Restaurant just down the street from the Candlewood Suites where we were staying during our motorcoach repairs. Popular 24 hour place with good reviews. Linda ordered 2 eggs with bacon and I ordered 2 eggs on corn beef hash.

“Well” the waitress said, “so you want 4 eggs then?”

“Huh?”, we both replied with certainly more confused than usual expressions on our sleep deprived countenances.

“Yeah”, she said “If you order two eggs you get four and if you order one egg you get two”.

20151022_093817.jpg“Oh” we both replied, now a little freaked out and beginning to feel like we were players in some bad sci-fi movie. We waited a few seconds to see if the walls were going to melt, or if we would be abducted by eggs-traterrestrials. But when none of that happened, our wits flipped back into gear and we sheepishly replied “Well, can we just have one egg then?”

The waitress smirked and said “Sure honey, you got it!”

Our meals ordered with one egg came out with two eggs, were very yummy and we escaped without any eggs-tra charges appearing on the check. Despite being a bit shell-shocked all was fine and we went on to have a nice afternoon.

The 20151023_092238.jpgnext day, we decided to tour the Newmar factory so we stopped at the Athens Gyros & Diner in Nappanee before the tour. Guess we were still a bit cracked from our egg-sperince the previous day because without thinking we both ordered a dish with two eggs. Guess what we got? 20151023_084436.jpg


Not FOUR eggs, we got THREE!

Whoa! Our brains at this point were totally poached! Then again this was Nappanne and not Elkhart. Maybe Elkhart is the center of the 2=4 egg-nomoly and Nappanee being 30 minutes south, only gets a partial influence of whatever induces this eggs-traordinary aberration.

A20151025_104333.jpg few more days go by, and the egg-centricity of our20151025_101314.jpg prior breakfast encounters has faded from our admittedly soft boiled consciousness. We decided to try the Sunrise Restaurant near downtown Elkhart. We again both ordered dishes with 2 eggs, not really thinking it could happen yet again – but it DID!

We both got FOUR eggs! Yikes!

So there you have it folks, IT IS REAL! When in Elkhart, one equal two, two equals four and as you get further away from town, two equals three. We are not entirely sure of the geographic delineation of this egg-centric situation, but if you ever come to town, prepare to have your mathematical world flipped over-easy and possibly completely scrambled!

And make sure to bring extra doses of your cholesterol medication!


When does 1=2, 2=4, and sometimes 2=3? — 7 Comments

  1. VoltDoc and Linda,

    Too funny! I would like to say living in WI is normal, but behind the cheddar curtain our reality is a little off….

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