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  2. I was wondering how the Odyssey is holding up? I will START to FT in July 2017,……and love and own two 2015 Odysseys. I have to sell them both due to the towing issue. When I bought them,….an RV was NOT in our future. I also need the storage ability for our recumabant bikes to be fully enclosed. Have been thinking to get a low mileage 2013 like you did. With the towing plates added to the 2013 Honda, do you think they will honor your extended warantee?

    • Mark, 2013 Odyssey is holding up fine after about 3000 miles of towing so far. 2007 Odyssey with the same transmission had about 40000 towing miles (plus 100K driving miles) and tranny was still going strong when we traded it. We have not had any problems with the 2013 so I can’t say how Honda – or after next June the Extended Warranty provider – will view the towing setup. Hopefully we won’t have to find out, but that’s a risk we are willing to accept. I have a post in the works about the details of the towing installation on the 2013 Ody, but feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific questions.


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