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20150922_154902.jpgFor such a small town, the number of restaurant choices here in East Greenwich is amazing. And it is constantly changing as restaurants come and go. 20150921_154004.jpg

What’s here this summer, may not be here next summer. Waterfront dining and entertainment at Blu On The Water, Finn’s Harborside or Nautica (our only waterfront dining is on Quantum Leap) or a variety of restaurants within walking distance on Main Street. Whether you have a craving for seafood, Thai, Indian, Italian, Asian, or plain ol’ American, want fine dining or pub style or are interested in eat in or take out, there’s a restaurant in town or within a short driving distance to meet your needs. We tried our best, but despite being here for a few months, we didn’t have time to try all of them. But here’s a synopsis of where we did go….


Coastline Diner (formerly Athens Diner), Warwick
IMAG0957.jpgWe were quite surprised when we saw a new sign out front but it was only a name change – same owners, same menu, same wait staff. Always one of our favorite breakfast and lunch joints. Nothing IMAG0958.jpgfancy but very reasonably priced. The price of two of our usual breakfasts – the “special” (2 eggs with toast which I usually order) has increased from $.99 to $1.99 and the price of their home made corned beef hash (Rob’s favorite) has increased by a dollar to $6.99. But even with the increase in price, it’s still a great deal. And the portion of hash is so large that Rob usually shares the hash and home fries with me. Their omelets are also very good. Expect to find a line on weekends. Open for breakfast and lunch.

Dante’s Kitchen, Main Street, East Greenwich
IMAG1564.jpgUsed to be a little hole in the wall place named Audra’s but now it is a bistro specializing in “American fare with a Southern flair”. A relatively new restaurant on Main Street in East Greenwich and an easy walk up from the boat which has become one of our favorites especially for breakfast and lunch. Haven’t IMAG1519.jpgtried dinner here yet. Not a place we go to often because it is a little pricey but it is oh, so good. They do have a few simpler, less expensive breakfast dishes like two eggs for $5 or a breakfast sandwich with one egg, american cheese, bacon, pulled pork or sausage on an english muffin for $7.  Both are served with a choice of home fries, cheddar grits (delish by the way) or a fruit cup. A number of other more eclectic choices are offered for breakfast or lunch. See what we tried under the lunch section. Usually pretty busy, expect to wait on weekend. Closed on Mondays, open for breakfast and lunch Tuesdays – Saturday and for dinner on Thursday- Saturday. Brunch only on Sundays.

Ed’s Roost, Main Street, East Greenwich
IMAG1763.jpgSmall down to earth mom and pop good ‘ol home cookin’ restaurant which has been on Main Street for years. Good breakfast at reasonable prices. Rob has his usual home made IMAG1766.jpgcorned beef hash which was unusual – more like a casserole of sliced corned beef and grilled potato slices – really good! I had my usual eggs, home fries and bacon. Bacon was crispy and excellent and home fries were really good. Open for breakfast and lunch. Cash only.

T’s Restaurant, 5600 Post Road, East Greenwich
Just for a change of pace, sometimes we will have breakfast at IMAG1394.jpgthis restaurant. Nicely decorated with good food and service but quite pricey. Although the food was good, there was one thing we weren’t particularly happy with on our first visit here this year – Rob had the home made corned beef hash ($10.89) and I had IMAG3431.jpgtheir breakfast sandwich ($5.89). The waitress suggested the southwestern fries so we ordered those. But she neglected to tell us that that there was a $1.29 up charge for them which we didn’t know until she gave us the check which came to a total of $23.60. Although the food is good, the ambiance is nice and the service is usually good, there are better choices which cost less and have better food. Guess other people disagree – it is always busy with a wait. Open for breakfast and lunch only.

Wild Harvest Bakery Cafe, Route 2, East Greenwich
20150927_110245.jpgI don’t know how many times we had driven by this cute little log cabin, often commenting that we should stop for breakfast some 20150927_103405.jpgtime. I think part of the problem was that we weren’t sure if they served a full breakfast or if it was just a bagel kind of place. Well, finally one day, we did stop. Although you can buy muffins, pastries and all sorts of goodies at the counter, it does have a small dining room, offering a limited selection of full breakfasts. We both decided to try an Egg Sandwich with cheese & choice of meat on a ciabatta ($4.75). Rob opted for sausage while I had bacon on my sandwich. Very tasty especially the freshly baked ciabatta. The breakfast choices are delivered to your table but the coffee bar is self serve.

The Cozy Grill, Coventry
Went here several times over the summer. Nice atmosphere, good service and good food at reasonable prices. Senior specials are offered during the week. We usually get their senior, two eggs with home fries and toast for $2.98. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing fancy, but great tasting food and real cheap!

Oatley’s Restaurant, 1717 Ten Rod Rd, North Kingston
IMAG1013.jpg Always good food (love their home made breads), great service and reasonable prices. Expect a line on weekends. Open for breakfast and lunch.

Gel’s Kitchen, 1745 Main Street, West Warwick
20150918_105929.jpgOpen daily from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for breakfast (served all day) and lunch .Discovered this place late in our stay on our way to another restaurant in Coventry. Cute place, good service with reasonable prices. Rob had the home made corned beef hash which was very good. I had my usual eggs with bacon. Didn’t care for the bacon so 20150924_111459.jpgdon’t think I would order that again. On another visit, I had Papa’s Poached which is two poached eggs on top of corn bread served with home fries ($4.95). They definitely know how to cook a poached egg here!

Each day they have specials but you won’t find them on their website of on their menu. On Tuesdays, for $1.99 you can get 2 eggs, home fries and toast. What a deal!

On Fridays, since they are open until 8:00 p.m., they offer a number of seafood entrees. One Friday we went here for lunch to have one of their other specials – 2 Fish & Chip dinners with 2 cups of chowder (white, red or clear broth) for $15.00. We both had the clear broth chowder which had lots of clams in it – really good. The huge pieces of fish was fried with a light batter and were excellent. Definitely would return.

Whistle Stop, Albion, RI
We stopped here on our way to Blinds To Go in Attleboro, MA. Guess what we both had? Yep, you guessed it – the usual CBH for Rob ($5.99) and the usual for me ($4.99). Good breakfast, good service! Open for breakfast and lunch.

Lunch/ Dinner

Ritrovo’s Pub & Grill, East Greenwich
Ritrovo’s, one of our favorite local restaurants and located just a couple of miles from the yacht club has an extensive menu, offering special deals each night of the week (half price appetizers at the IMAG1414.jpgbar, half price specials for the ladies on Ladies night, etc.). Although everything on their menu is good, one of our favorite meals served only on Friday nights is their fish and chips.

Reasonably priced at $10.95, it is a pretty large portion of fresh fish in a light batter served with fries and cole slaw. Usually we opt to have another favorite appetizer, their Calamari Ritrovo but on this particular night we decided it would be too much food. Instead we managed to consume a free basket of popcorn. Lovely ambiance, delicious food and great service. Open for dinner only.

IMAG1666.jpgJason’s Asian Grille and Sushi Bar, East GreenwichIMAG1671.jpg
Another new restaurant which opened several months ago. No web presence yet but reviews in Google were decent so one day we decided to stop for lunch. Lovely interior. I had Chicken with Lemongrass Sauce and Rob had General Tso’s Chicken.  Both were $7.50 and came with your choice of soup (we both had the Hot IMAG1664.jpgSour Soup which was excellent) and a choice of either white, brown or fried rice (we both had fried) and chicken fingers. Excellent! They specialize in Sushi here and some of the plates we saw served looked beautiful.

Red Stripe, Main Street, East Greenwich
IMAG1549.jpgLocated on Main Street and an easy walk from our boat, this restaurant is dubbed as an IMAG3193.jpg“American brasserie” which according to their website  “is a modern take on the traditional European-style French café.” The decor and the menu sure reflect that. We went here for lunch twice, thoroughly enjoying each meal.

IMAG2259.jpg IMAG3187.jpgOn our first visit, based on their reviews,  I couldn’t resist their Red Stripe Grilled Cheese ($12). Not your typical grilled cheese – prosciutto, poached pear & basil pesto served with roasted tomato soup (my choice) or house frites. Rob had their Red Stripe Moules (mussels with cherry tomato, pesto, garlic, shallot, Red Stripe lager, cream) & Frites ($12). Totally delish!

IMAG3341.jpg IMAG0941.jpgOn our second lunch visit, I had the Pastrami Sandwich ($11)  and Rob had the Bacon and Cheddar Meat Loaf sandwich. Both served with fries. Yowsa! Huge portions (leftovers enjoyed later that day) and oh so good.


Dante’s Kitchen, East Greenwich
Yes, I’ve already mentioned this restaurant under the breakfast section but we went here several times for brunch/lunch. Also an easy walk from our boat. For our first lunch, I tried the Fried Green Tomato BLT ($9) IMAG1087.jpgserved on toasted wheatberry with pecan-smoked bacon, romaine and jalapeno remoulade. It was quite tasty but not sure that I IMAG3373.jpgwould order this again only because there are too many other choices on the menu. Rob had the Dante’s Mac ‘N Cheese ($12) which was a surprise as he doesn’t really like mac ‘n cheese. This came with bacon, cheddar, pulled pork and jalapeno cornbread crumbs. A huge portion and probably one of the best mac ‘n cheese dishes either of us have ever had. We would rate this mac ‘n cheese superior to the dish we had in Side Street Cafe in Bar Harbor that was on Paula Deen’s top 10 list. Enjoyed the leftovers that night.

IMAG3403.jpgAfter reading reviews, on another visit I had to try one of their specialties – Fried Chicken and Waffles ($13). Not something I would typically order but I’m so very glad I did. Absolutely delicious, very tender sage fried chicken with a buttermilk waffle topped with toasted IMAG1280.jpgcashews and served with Vermont bourbon maple syrup. OMG so delicious and so much food (yep, once again had leftovers). Rob had the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich ($12) served on a chibulky with pecan smoked bacon, tomato, pickled onion, slaw and chipotle sauce. Yummy as well but the Fried Chicken and Waffles here totally rocks!

On another late morning visit, I surprised myself by trying the IMAG3490.jpgChipotle Pork Belly ($13). Surprising since I didn’t even know what pork belly was. We sat at the bar and when I asked the barmaid, she didn’t describe it very well either but bravely I decided to give it a try. It came with two poached eggs served on a cheddar grit cake, fennel slaw and chipotle sauce. Guess the best way to describe it is that it is a combo of a spare rib and bacon. Very tender, a little spicy but delish! Rob had two eggs with pulled pork ($9) with cheddar grits.

Dante’s recently got their liquor license. Several times for brunch we sat at the bar since there were no regular tables available, we were surprised to see a  number of people sipping cocktails with their meals with the most popular being Dante’s Bloody Mary. Made with Tito’s & Absolute Cilantro vodka (who knew there was such a thing as cilantro vodka) and spicy horseradish (according to the menu), it was garnished with cajun shrimp,  smoked pecan bacon and olives.

At $13, it cost more than a meal but boy, did it look good! With the shrimp and the bacon, who needs to order anything else?

On another visit here with friends, Linda and Bill, we both had the Pulled Pork Hash ($13) which is slow roasted pork over home fries served with two poached eggs and a grilled buttermilk biscuit. A20151001_083002.jpgnother delicious meal!

Our last visit was for breakfast and we each tried an omelet. For $9 you get any three fillings you want plus grits or home fried and toast. I had bacon, goat cheese and portabello mushroom and Rob had bacon, sausage and cheese. Yummy!

So do you think we like this restaurant or what?

Olde Theater Diner, Coventry
20150922_110719.jpgOpen for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we used to frequent this restaurant on a fairly regular basis although this year there have been so many new restaurants to try we haven’t been here as often. 20151006_144421.jpgExtensive menu, reasonable prices, generous portions, good food and service. For breakfast, you can get two eggs, home fries and toast for $2.99! One day after visiting our storage unit also located in Coventry, we stopped here for lunch. Lots of choices on their Blue Plate Special Menu where everything is $6.99. Tough decision but we both tried their fish & chips. Excellent

James Breakfast & More, Route 140, Wrentham, MA
IMAG1510.jpgI’ve written about this cafe before and it is one of our all time favorites with gourmet prepared food at very reasonable prices. Since most of our doctors are located in MA, we often stop here between appointments. This IMAG3489.jpgyear was no exception – in fact we went here twice, once for breakfast and once for lunch. On our first visit, I had my favorite, the Bennies with a Twist, two over easy eggs, crab cakes, and grilled tomato on English muffin with dill hollandaise ($10) and Rob had his usual, 20150928_124021.jpgthe Cast Iron Killer, two eggs over homemade corned beef hash and home fries ($9). As usual, both dishes were excellent.

On our second visit since it was closer to lunchtime, we both opted for the Backyard Burger, a half pound of seasoned chopped sirloin however you like it, with any fixings (choice of cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and a lot more – all for no extra charge) and served with hand cut fries. Excellent burger!

Twin Oaks, Sabra Street, Cranston
Anyone who lives in RI knows Twin Oaks – it been a RI institution for decades (since 1933) and one of our favorites. Very popular, lots of locals and regulars – go there on a weekend and expect to wait for 1 – 2 hours for a table (unless you have an “in” with one of the waiters). Only male IMAG1536.jpgwaiters – many have been there for decades and never write anything down (how do they do that especially when they have a big party of 8 or more??). It’s here where we usually satisfy our craving for lobster salad by ordering their lobster salad plate. Served with potato and vegetable, we usually have lobster meat leftovers which I weighted one time – our combined take home was over 1-1/2 IMAG3424.jpgpounds of lobster meat and that was just what was LEFT OVER. Unbelievable! The price last year was in the $22 range, this year it had climbed to over $30, but its still cheaper than buying labster meat at the fish market. Besides the lobster salad, their extensive menu includes delicious, top quality steaks, chops, and fish as well as great Italian dinners. Everything IMAG1307.jpgis delicious here (except maybe their vegetables).

Somehow we ran out of time so we only went here once – when Rob’s Dad (who now lives in Albany) took the family out to dinner here during his visit to RI in August. Hard time deciding what to have. Decided to order the Baked Scrod, a much cheaper alternative than the lobster salad. Delicious as usual!

So that sums up the majority of our gastronomic expeditions near our summer hangout. If you ever visit this area give some of them a try and let us know what you think!


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