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This post is slightly delayed due to everything going on with Chooey.

After our somewhat exhausting day at the theme parks on Friday, December 6th, we just hung out on Saturday. The only accomplishments of the day – Rob hosed down the motor home, then I washed the van, both of which were filthy (the vehicles that is, not us)!

IMAG3758.jpgOn Sunday, we had a few errands to run so we thought we would go to Perkins Restaurant for breakfast since we had been there earlier in the week and it was good.   On our first visit, we IMAG3755.jpgwere able to use a birthday coupon for a free breakfast.  Just as a side note, coupons can be one of the perks you receive if you sign up for their mailing list – besides Perkins, I received a birthday coupon for a free breakfast from Berry Fresh Cafe and Mimi’s Cafe.  At least it makes getting another year older and getting their annoying emails worthwhile!

Being late on a Sunday morning, it looked pretty crowded with a wait (waiting for a boat is one thing, waiting a long time for food is a totally different story) so a change in plans was in order.  IMAG2352.jpgWe decided to take a ride over to Celebration to have breakfast at the Market Street Cafe where we had gone in 2012. I was afraid that it would be totally crowded as well but luckily it wasn’t (hmmm, was that a good sign or a bad sign?).  Anyway, we both IMAG3752.jpghad the baked potato omelette – stuffed with home fries, bacon, cheddar cheese and topped with sour cream and scallions. Very good but very filling so we each ended up taking half of it home and having it the next day for breakfast.

After breakfast we wandered waddled around for a bit enjoying the sights and the usual IMAG3759.jpgChristmas decorations.  Celebration is a planned community created by the real estate division of Disney which we had visited in 2012.  Cute place.

After spending about an hour there, we headed out to do our errands.  What another trip to WalMart??? UGH!  Unfortunately for IMAG3756.jpgme, that morning I was suddenly hit with a whoppalooza (is that a word??) of a cold with a really bad sore throat and runny nose!  Quick, where’s the Kleenex aisle? With all the crowds and kids, Disney for sure has to be a real germ fest.  germs1.jpgBut no matter how careful we were, how many times we washed our hands and how often we used Purell, it didn’t seem to matter – the germs chased after us and got us or at least got Cold.jpgme!

Maybe it was my punishment – I was telling Jim and Ann a few days earlier that Rob always seems to get sick when we are traveling so maybe one of the germ gods said ah, ha we’ll show her!

Anyway, after a visit to the cold remedy aisle where we loaded up our cart with an assortment of decongestants, several boxes of Kleenex (which I immediately started using) and other necessities we had on our list,  I couldn’t wait to get outta there.  After arriving back at the chicken-soup-cartoon.jpgcamp, I laid down for awhile, then started brewing up a batch of what is often referred to as Jewish penicillin (aka chicken soup).  Is it true that chicken soup will cure a common cold?  Seems like the jury hasn’t reached a decision yet but I didn’t care, maybe it didn’t cure my cold but it sure tasted good!

Darn, after a good night’s sleep, the next morning, it hadn’t gone away!  But it was our last full day and since the weather was good, we had decided to take a boat ride from the Port Orleans Riverside Resort  (we had stayed here in the 90’s when it was Dixie Landings) to Downtown Disney. With a big  wad of Kleenex in my pocket, after a short IMAG2380-TWINKLE.gifdrive, we parked the car and walked through the lobby where there was….yep, you guessed it, another large Christmas tree.   Did I already mention that we were all Christmas tree’d out?

Anyway, we made our way to the dock where the Sassagoula River Cruise departs for IMAG2381.jpgDowntown Disney about a 20 minutes ride.  When we saw a boat already at the dock we figured we would be able to hop right on board.  Wrong assumption on our part!  The boat that was there was chartered IMAG3768.jpgfor a group of cast member trainees so we would have to wait for another boat. What? Not again!

Maybe because of my cold I was a little cranky so I immediately started grumbling (poor Rob). Though looking at his picture, he didn’t look real happy either! Were they serious – we would have to wait for another boat? What’s with that? So we waited, waited and waited some more (gee, where have you heard this before).  It was probably about 25 minutes before one appeared.  Finally!

IMAG2399.jpgAt Downtown Disney, we stopped to watch a very entertaining macaw parrot outside the Rainforest Cafe for a few minutes.  Then we walked around for a bit, stopping at Ghiradelli’s where IMAG2398.jpgwe had a delicious, very yummy, very refreshing, very soothing root beer float (do you get the idea that I liked it??).

After that, since we weren’t really interested in shopping or walking around anymore we went back to the boat dock, where we waited for another boat.  No tale of woe, IMAG2408.jpgwhining or grumbling here – it wasn’t a long wait.  And it was a very pleasant ride back!  Another quiet evening at home, taking care of a few things for our IMAG3795.jpgdeparture the next day.

Monday morning around 11:00 am, December 10th, we were ready to leave.  We waved goodbye to the inflatable village next door (oh, oh, Santa and his reindeer were leaning sideways off the roof again) and merrily went on our way.

Our destination was Treasure Coast RV Resort in Fort Pierce where we had made reservations from the 10th until the 20th.  Fort Pierce is about 115 miles southeast of Orlando. In past years, we’ve stayed at Outdoor Resorts in Port St. Lucie which is quite lovely but a couple of our friends had stayed at Treasure Coast recently and had written about it on their Facebook page so we decided to give it a try just for a change of pace.

IMAG2448.jpgIt was an easy drive on the Florida Turnpike to exit 152 in Fort Pierce.  We stopped at the office to check in and where we were assigned to site #93.  Nice place!  This is considered off season so the weekly rate IMAG2429.jpgis $255 plus tax (daily rate is $44).  We would definitely come back here. Amenities include gated resort, full hookups (30/50 amp, water and electric), free wifi, concrete pads, picnic tables, free IMAG2450.jpgcable, swimming pool & hot tub, laundry, ping pong, billiard table, a small pond and lots of activities.

Although the site was not huge, it IMAG2460.jpgwas a perfectly adequate clean and neat concreted pad with plenty of room between sites.  When we arrived, the sites next to us were vacant so we had lots of privacy.  Considering the fact that it is surrounded by a fairly busy area with a lot of hotels and stores, it feels very serene and peaceful here although there is some minor traffic noise as the resort is close to a few of the main roads.

We didn’t do much that afternoon, just hung out.   More about Fort Pierce later.

IMAG2371.jpg IMAG3765.jpg IMAG2383.jpg IMAG3770.jpg IMAG3771.jpg IMAG2384.jpg IMAG2389.jpg IMAG2393.jpg

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