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Summer Summary — 3 Comments

  1. Great writeup, Linda. Almost like we were there again. You’re right, EG cove is a great place to be in so many ways! We had a wonderful visit with you this summer. Safe travels to the south land.

  2. We live a town over in Coventry! Small world! We have enjoyed reading your blog on this damp and “UGH” snowy day! Our favorite hangout is Chelo’s on the Waterfront. I love dreaming and telling Cheryl we could have the RV for the winter and a nice water RV at Chelos for the summer! Looks like you two are living MY dream!! Maybe we will see you at Chelos this summer and we can pick your brain about adventuring off!

    • Hey that’s awesome! When we get back to RI and get the boat launched, say around the middle or end of June, give us a shout out and we can try and get together. Be happy to have our brains picked and share what we can with you! Hopefully that’s the last of the snow, we are heading north now! Take care!

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