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A New Year And A Cruise On The Root Canal — 2 Comments

  1. Hope you start to feel back to normal Rob. Sue had an emergency root canal in Tennessee, and we had a similar story and outcome to yours. You forgot to tell your readers about the $2000 bucks you probably blew thru. We are the full time couple that are pulling the 2013 Honda Odyssey, so far so good. You can follow our travels at our new Youtube channel , Our Journey In Myles-Youtube Yes, our rig is named “Myles”!

    • Hey Mark, of course we remember you. Hope Sue is doing well. Our Ody is still going strong with the “used” transmission. My first root canal was about $800 something after insurance (they didn’t take my insurance so didn’t match the allowed amount). My second root canal was $600 something as they did accept my insurance. Still need to get a crown tho on the second one and I’m sure that will be big bucks. We’ll check out your YouTube channel, thanks! Love the name!!!

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