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Yes, We Are Still Alive and Kickin’! — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Linda & Rob,
    Glad to hear you are still alive & kickin! We are too, back in Vero now ! Hope we can connect in Jan! Ann & Jim

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. Wow Rob sure did alot of work on the coach. Pics look great. Safe travels.

    • Thanks Joan, glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, Rob did do a lot of work but somehow his project list doesn’t seem to get any smaller. Safe travels to you as well.

  3. Kudos to Linda and Rob, who made another excellent find, and gave us an excellent write-up .

    Maybe I misunderstood the Sauder Village Campsite rates, but if $40 a night seemed relatively expensive compared to the other places they’ve stayed, I’d buy a Quantum Discovery Camping Guide in a heartbeat. Until then, I’ve saved all their “western tour” links.

    I’ll be looking forward to Rob’s “How To” on the electric light controls upgrade. That seems a bit ambitious for me, but I managed to get two more matching batteries and a battery monitoring kit installed, as well as a lockout master switch and light on the driver’s console, thanks to Rob’s excellent documentation.

    • Thanks guys! Guess we’re spoiled with the low rates at federal and state parks! The Federal Senior pass (62+ years old) gets you into any federal campground at half price so most are in the $12-$15 range (it also gets you into any Nat’l Park or Monument for free). When we are in Florida, as FL senior residents (65+), we also get into the FL state parks at half price. Sauder was in need of maintenance and just seemed not worthy of the price charged, but maybe it was the time of year. The lighting control is a bit complex but I am working on something that might be more plug and play. If terms like Raspberry PI, RV-C and Javascript mean anything to you let me know. Very glad to hear your projects went well. That kind of positive feedback is what makes doing this blog even more worthwhile!

  4. I’m very interested in how you did the programming for the lights. I presume extending to the power shades in an Anthem is too different. Pi, rvc and JavaScript are not foreign to me. Please publish instructions!

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