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Time for Some Knee-ded Rest — 9 Comments

  1. Nice report on Rob’s surgery. So glad to hear it went so well. I know you’ll be a good nurse and “slow him down” when he decides to move about. I enjoyed the pictures you included. Best wishes for a rapid recovery and hopefully a start to the south soon. Hope to see you in New Orleans.

    • Slow him down – not likely! He’s like Jim and can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes. Each day he’s improving. See y’all in Nawlins!

  2. Just checked your website earlier today to see if there was an update…then I remembered that the closing on Rob’s dad’s house was November 1 so figured you’ve been really busy closing out another house. Actually, happy the problem with Rob’s knee was discovered before you left New England because you got to have your regular doc diagnose and do the surgery. Now, all that is left is healing and and heading south. Let your full-timing lifestyle begin in earnest!

    • Thanks Paul and Margery! We were happy to get the knee surgery done here and not have to worry about it while on the road. We’re esdited that in a week we’ll be headed south. Maybe we’ll cross paths and get to meet one of these days!

  3. Hey Piccs

    So happy that the surgery went well and you can finally head south in your beautiful new motor home and enjoy the traveling life style. I will be checking in with you and following along once again.

    Good luck to Rob’s dad as well.

    Resting is the bes thing Rob can do at this point…lots of healing takes place during the wee hours when sleeping and Rob will be back in shape in no time

    Chris and Bob

    • Thanks for the well wishes! We’re extremely happy that your surgery was successful as well and you will be heading south soon. Hope to see you in FL!

  4. I just love it when a plan comes together! Best of luck out West (Albany) and on the trip down South. Glad you could squeeze us into your hectic schedule!
    Pam and Byron

    • Thanks Byron & Pam! We’re so glad that we were able to get together with you before our departure. We’ll see you next spring!

  5. Herb’s been keeping his eye on you two. Are you at Lakewood in Myrtle Beach or the state campground? Glad to hear that Rob and Chooey are recuperating so well.

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