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Quartzsite 2018! — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Linda….

    Had not seen this write up about Quartzsite before so went through it carefully. Thanks for doing it. I think you did a great job of covering the Gathering in its entirety. Great.

    MY web browser was not downloading any of the pictures. Not sure if that was just me or if for some reason, the files had been moved to another location and could not be accessed by the web page. Not sure. Just wanted to bring it to your attention as if the problem is for everyone, it sure takes away from being able to get the full effect.

    Safe travels. Say hello to Rob for me. Think you are probably in the northeast by now. Stay away from COVID-19 and wear those masks !!!! :-)_

    Gary and Dee Jones

    • Hi Gary,
      Good to hear from you. Thanks for your comments about the Quartzsite post and the issue you are having with the photos. No, the issue is not specific to you but a result of Google making some sort of change which broke the images in a number of our older blog posts. We have been working on it but so far haven’t been able to resolve the issue. Hopefully Google will provide some assistance because having to redo all of the pictures in hundreds of posts would be a very time consuming and lengthy process. Will keep you posted on our progress.

      Yes we are in RI, living on our boat for the summer. Fortunately the Governor of RI has been doing an excellent job carefully reopening the state and has been able to keep Covid-19 at bay so the number of cases and deaths have been on the decline. Masks are mandatory here (although unfortunately not everyone is following the rules). Trying to figure out what to do this winter since we certainly don’t want to stay here in the cold and snow.

      Safe travels to you and Dee as well!
      Linda & Rob

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