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Our Next Few Stops — 2 Comments

  1. The snow is almost gone and the boat is being launched on Saturday! Don’t be afraid to head back up North.

    BTW, we were at Quidnessett for a URI athletic hall of fame induction for one of my teammates. (Please note: he wasn’t any better than me but he continued to raise money for the expansion of the football stadium and team).

    The reason I tell you about the trip is that on the way home, we passed Ritrovo in E. Greenwich, RI !

    Take care and keep us in the loop,
    Pam and Byron

    • Hi Byron & Pam! Even though the snow is gone, we most likely won’t be back in RI until mid May. Ah, Ritrovo’s, will be looking forward to going there when we get back. Sure hope we’ll be able to get together this summer.

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