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Heading Towards Relaxation (Sort Of)! — 4 Comments

  1. Rob & I talked about all the work and driving back & forth it took to get the coach “ship shape”. After reading your thorough list here, I am simply exhausted! It was really fun finally getting to spend some time with our “Honda Odyssey Yoda”. We thank you for your help, kindness and great conversations. Your Riverbend lot, and the park itself is AWESOME. Thanks for the Grand Master Cart Tour,……especially the restroom break half way through!

  2. It was great seeing the picture of Chris and Bob. Please say “hi, y’all” to them next time you see or speak to them. Missed seeing you both this (2019) summer! High hopes for a Picchione sighting this (2020) summer. Found a place that makes a great Reuben – they corn their own beef.

    If you sell your current site, do you intend to buy another?

    • If we do sell, we have no plans right now to buy another site. Hopefully next summer we won’t be so involved in boat projects. Curious about what restaurant makes such good Reubens?

  3. The Provisioner New York Deli & Cafe – 7669 Post Rd., North Kingstown, Rhode Island

    They were sold last year, and although their menu looks much the same, I cannot attest thst the quality remains the same. I’ll be FORCED to check it out; such a hardship. The vibe is not warm and fuzzy as the decor is industrial, but it is really all about the food.

    (Remember how you had to “teach” me how to spell Reuben?)

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