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New Life For Old GelCoat – An Inexpensive Solution That Really Works! — 5 Comments

    • It’s pretty flexible as far as temp. I would suggest over 55 and below 90 but avoid really damp and humid conditions. Dampness on the surface will cause some spotting. It will dry faster at higher temps but that did not seem to be an issue as long as things are dry. I was working in close to 90F conditions and did not have any problems with the product – just my stamina! I had no issues in the New England summer sun, but there might be application issues in extremely hot and dry conditions. Hope that helps.

  1. Excellent article. I have buffed my boat many times already only to have it come back Chalky a couple of years later. I think Future Floor Shine maybe the same product that you describe. Bar Keepers Friend is also an excellent product in the marine version it’s $20 per can.Bar Keepers Friend is $2. For those that don’t know what this is It’s like a can of Ajax or comet.

    • Thanks! Remember though the acrylic still needs maintenance and upkeep. If you have good gel coat, wax might still be the path of least resistance. The acrylic needs maintenance at least every 6 months and if you let it go too far it’s a pain to revitalize. If your wax is lasting two years you might be better off sticking with that. The Collinite 885 Aircraft wax, as recommended by Practical Sailor Mag, is better than most and can hold up for at least a year in our experience.

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