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Jupiter, Blowing Rocks and a Sandsprit — 3 Comments

  1. With our love of lighthouses, the Jupiter Inlet Red Brick Lighthouse would be a must see.
    The rest of the post was fascinating. Hope you’ll be writing a book about your adventures. It would be a best seller.

    • Thanks for the compliments, Joan! Not sure anyone would want to read a book authored by us unless to use it as a tool to fall asleep!

  2. I love it as you wax poetic in these post! I do so appreciate the good grammar and spelling (think Reuben), too.

    While the blowing rocks would be a sight to see, I don’t imagine you would enjoy them much on a windy day. More than just your sneakers would get soaked. The pictures of the beach at low tide were fascinating. I can just imagine the plumes. I really like the sea grape tunnels,too.

    Tried to find a definition of “sand sprit” but the closest I came was an entry in a Malay dictionary that said “sand sprit hidden by the water, a shoal, shallows, shallows running from the shore.” I would guess that, since it appears to be piece of land jutting out that it doesn’t meet the definition of spit which “is a deposition landform found off coasts.”

    Love all the links, too. Looked up parabolic dunes and, of course, Carlin Park. Sea grapes, too. Would love to try some sea grape wine.

    Thanks again for letting me be an armchair traveler, sharing your adventures.

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