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IMAG0488.jpg On Friday, we decided to go to Downtown Disney since we hadn’t been there in a number of years.  You can drive directly there but we decided to drive to the Port Orleans (formerly Dixie Landings) resort and take the boat to Downtown IMAG0487.jpgDisney.  It was a beautiful day, sunny, bright blue sky with temps in the mid to high 70’s (apologies for mentioning this to the folks at home suffering in the cold and snow).

We had been there previously on one of our previous trips to Disney but that must have been back in the late 1990’s.  Lots of expansion has taken place – the place is huge!

The area is actually divided into three sections – Downtown Disney West Side which showcases a number of restaurants, a movie theater, a yet to be opened huge bowling alley to be appropriately named Splitsville and thIMAG0497.jpge Cirque de Soleil theater; Downtown Disney Marketplace which is a shopping mecca if you are interested in purchasing Disney merchandise and Pleasure Island which is a great place to go for both dining and evening entertainment. They have shuttle boats going back and forth between the different areas which is a good thing since your feet get tired real quick!

In addition to all the stores selling Disney paraphernalia, there is a huge Lego store with larger than life models.  Check out the photos below!



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  1. Nice! The boat is a great way to get there too since the parking lot can be ugly. BTW – did you see the geodes at the T-Rex gift shop?They’re pretty expensive at $15 or so (we found un-opened geodes for around $5 at the rock shop at Old Town off 192)

    I think we saw the sky-writer practicing when we were in Kissimmee. Religious messages.

    You’ve probably been before, but much smaller but great setting is the Disney Boardwalk. It’s near the Swan and Dolphin. Great place for a walk around the lagoon and you can get glimpses of MGM and Epcot. You might have to drive/park for that one (not sure if there are boats from FW). If you drive, there’s a gate and guard house, just tell the guard you’re there to visit and they’ll let you park on the left side of the Boardwalk hotel. You can get to the Boardwalk area from there. I think they have a shuttle boat across the lagoon there too. Not alot going on, but pretty quiet and restful there.

  2. We wish we were on the boat with you. You know how we love boats. Jim would like to visit the Lego store. The pics were amazing of what was build with the Legos.

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