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Peuwee! What’s That Awful Stench??? — 4 Comments

  1. The air was revolting in the early 80s when we first moved to Jacksonville, and hasn’t gotten better. There’s a college in Brunswick with a faculty opening I’d love, but there is no way I’d endure that torture, much less ask family to do the same. This is what happens when corporations matter more than people.

  2. The stench was dependent on the wind direction but I’m sure somebody somewhere is always smelling it. And while we were only passing thru and could deal with it for a few days, we can certainly agree we wouldn’t want to live near there! We have run into paper mill smell in other locations as well including Maine, FL, the Carolinas and recently on the Mississippi near West Memphis, AK.

  3. We are on Jekyll Island now and we do smell that horrible stench. People here tell us it is a paper mill. Phew!!!!

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