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Our First and Last Trip — 5 Comments

  1. Hope the haul out went well. Your many tasks of getting her ready surely paid off. She is a beauty! On our next visit, we must go to Jigger’s Diner.

  2. Wow…winterizing a boat is a lot of work. It must have been sad to have to winterize when you didn’t really get to use it this summer. However, better days are ahead when the work at the house is done.

  3. Maybe you could have done a catch and released of the mice from the motor-home, for a few days on the water to dine on crabs and quahogs before their demise…Maybe the seagulls like mice?
    It must have been hard to just do a short 1/2 mile turn-around. Ann & I hope to see her next summer.

  4. Whew!!! What a task! Our tri-toon is bad enough to clean; can’t imagine doing all that. Tim and I are getting ready to do the RV for our winter trip to Williston, FL, heading down on Dec.2nd. Hope to see you there!!

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