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Dirt Devil Vroom Self Storing & Retracting Vacuum Hose – 2017 Entegra 44B Mod — 2 Comments

  1. Rob and Linda: Once again, you have provided us with a great upgrade. I did the expansion of house batteries from four to two in 2017 per your write up, with addition of a compatible battery management kit. This vacuum system mod is very tempting, esp since we also have a 2017 44B, but on the north side of 80, I’m trying to focus on the possibility of age and weight-based powerlifting competition, and I’m considering putting a landing strip onto the 5ac in FL we bought in 2000. We just finished a lot of DIY projects on the home with many contractor projects – too many, IMHO for a 16 ýear-old home. You can’t do everything. I just hope someone at Entegra is reading your blog, and incorporates these clever changes into their production units. Allen W.

    • Allen, agree this is one of those projects that has limited benefit, so save your available resources for other things. Another mod I have done (and a writeup is pending) is adding a “Shower Miser” which is a much more worthwhile project IMO if you do a lot of boondocking or often stay at places without a sewer hookup. It saves a lot of water while waiting for it to get hot and slows filling of the gray tank. My favorite mod, if you can call it that, is my eRVin system with Alexa control of lights and stuff. Your property mods sound awesome, hope I’m as spry as you at 80! Actually, hope I even make it there! I have shown Entegra many of my mods, they have adopted a few. Don’t know why they won’t put a swivel on the TV tho. Take care, hope to see you on the road someday!

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