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Lambright Sofa Update 2017 Entegra Aspire — 5 Comments

  1. Nice work, I have a question about your sofa. Do you find any difference in the seating height to the floor from it being mounted on the slideout? We replaced a factory sofa on the 5ver we had with one from a local furniture store. Because it sat on a slideout, the sofa was a couple of inches higher than if it sat on a regular floor. Just wondering if Lambright makes this adjustment to compensate for the sofa being mounted on a slide. We traded the 5ver for our 2005 Beaver and we want to replace the J-lounge with a sofa like yours. Nice project!


    • No, it does not feel too high even though the slide floor is about 2.375″ higher than the main floor. I think the compensation is lack of “feet”. The frame sits directly flush to the slide room floor, whereas in a residential application there would be some kind of feet that would add a couple inches of height.

      The frame is also cantilevered beyond the slide room floor (by about 11″), but the front edge of the frame is supported by rollers that roll on the main floor when the slide goes in and out.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Perfect! The wife’s legs dangled from the new sofa in the 5ver, just wanted to prevent that this time around. We saw some Lambright sofas at a dealer in Oregon, might be time to look again!



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