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Driveway Grooming — 5 Comments

  1. Are you still using the driveway groomer? Would you recommend it for regrading and widening our gravel driveway, as well as smoothing, etc? Thanks!

    • Hi Tina, actually no we sold the house in September of 2013 and the driveway groomer went with it. But yes I would recommend it. I was quite pleased with how it dressed up our driveway (blue stone chips and process gravel), we used it several times during the real estate listing period to keep the driveway looking neat. It nicely re-distributes the surface material smoothing out ruts and dips and in our case helped get most of the weeds out. I would think though that, while it works great to reconstitute an existing gravel or stone drive, it is probably not intended to do major regrading of new areas, although I never thought it would work as well as it did on my driveway either! It does take time though, several passes are required for optimal results. Good Luck!


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