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  1. Hi Linda! Glad to see that you & Rob are well. It surely has been a strange year! Paul and I bought a home in Venice, FL and close at the end of April. We are definitely ready for warm winter weather! We plan to travel in the summers, and even spend some time at our old development in PA, Eagle Rock. I haven’t had much time to read your blog lately so I’ll have to catch up. Like others close to NYC, our development got totally bought out by NYers this past fall, and we sold very quickly, with multiple offers. Good timing, but I feel for them. I guess I’ll have to be a Bucs fan, now that I’m living in the Tampa area. I like Brady, but my sisters nephew, Brett Veach, is the GM for the Chiefs (youngest in the league!) so I had to root for them. Same high school Alma Mater too. They have a great young team, just need time to mature a bit. Well, thanks for the blog. It’s a lot of fun reading your adventures. Stay well, and enjoy your travels!

    • Hey MR! Great hearing from you. Glad that you and Paul are doing well also. It sure has been a strange year but it seems that there is hope on the horizon that things will become a little more normal by the end of the year, thanks to the vaccine. I’ve had both doses, Rob has had one and will have his second by the end of March. Never thought we would be thrilled to be jabbed with a needle. Congrats on the quick sale of your Eagle Rock home and the upcoming April closing of your new home in Venice. Sounds like you have the perfect plan – spending the winters in the south and traveling during the summer. I assume Paul has retired? I can relate to the dilemma you have deciding which team to root for. Having been a NE Pats/Brady fan for many years, I was very disappointed when Brady left to become a Buc. At the beginning of the season, I was cheering for the Pats to do well but it quickly became obvious that that wasn’t going to happen so I switched to rooting for Brady in the hopes that he would be able to clinch another Superbowl. I’ll probably face the same dilemma next season. Stay healthy, good luck with your closing and enjoy your future travels!

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