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Beignets, Busses & A Seance Lounge — 7 Comments

  1. Your description of Day 1 of touring was fabulous. You hit many of Jim and my favorite places. Your photos were post card perfect.. Brings back good memories .We haven’t been to Muriel’s so that would be a possibility in a few weeks. I’ll look forward to Day 2.

  2. Foodie that I am, I just had to look up the recipe for Muriel’s Pain Perdu . . . the sheer quantity ingredients soaked up by the 3.25 loaves of bread in their recipe is nothing short of staggering!!! (BTW, how long is a French baguette in NOLA?)

    25 egg yolks
    16 whole eggs
    3 qt 2 cups Heavy Cream
    2 cups of sugar
    2 tblspns Vanilla
    2 lbs white chocolate

    • I think a French baguette in NOLA is the same size as any baguette. Who has a bowl big enough to make this!!! The EGYC kitchen probably does. Now that you have the recipe I think you should volunteer to make this for one of the EGYC functions!

      • Too expensive to make it “”right”, with candied pecans zand rum sauce. But, boy, does it ever sound good.

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