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ARGH! It’s Raining….. — 11 Comments

  1. We feel your pain, we had similar experiences with the love bugs! Totally gross and we saw more this year than previous. We did the wash of our car the same day also.

    • Guess we’ve been lucky that we’ve never experienced them before. Hope we never do again! Hope all is well with you and Jim.

    • Deb, weather has been pleasantly cool but a bit rainy back in RI, although the last few days have been near perfect. We are doing projects on the boat so haven’t moved aboard yet. Hope y’all are having a great time and avoiding all that nasty weather…

  2. I am not looking forward to this next year! We will be at Upriver RV Resort in Ft Myers next year for 4 months. (Dec thru March) I will be stocking up on soap & water for my brushes, squeegee and telescopic poles,…..

    • Hey Mark, I hear keeping a fresh coat of a modern polymer type “wax” on the glass and body helps greatly with the removal process. I’ll be doing that for sure next time!

      Currently our plans are to be at Riverbend Nov-Dec, maybe we can meet at some point in December?

      • I will add this to my day planner to get in touch when we land in Upriver RV Resort for sure. I see the two resorts are close to each other,…….your place looks like heaven!

  3. Though I don’t drive an RV, we, on the Tx coast, get our 2 “seasons@ of live bugs…
    I’ve found that GOOD (and I mean REALLY good) coat, or two, of wax (even on the glass) certainly makes their removal easier.

    • Burton, thanks for the tip! I’ve heard that too and it sure does make sense. Others have recommended the modern polymer coatings to work well too. Wish I had done that, took a lot of scrubbing to get them off…

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