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IMAG6313.jpg As noted in the previous post we spent several hours touring the USS Alabama located at Battleship Memorial Park just outside of Mobile and only about 5 IMAG6314.jpgminutes from Meaher State Park where we were staying. Also located in this park are the submarine USS Drum as well as a comprehensive collection of aircraft and other military equipment. Please visit the links above if you would like to learn more about the park.

P1010900.JPGIn our opinion there is too much here to visit all in one day so you may want to pick something to focus on and plan a return visit some other time.  P1010912.JPGWe were only able to tour the Alabama before our feet gave out. However, some of the aircraft and other vehicles can be observed from the deck of the battleship.

I must say the self-guided tour of the Alabama was better than expected and I have gained a better appreciation for the massive resources that went into building, operating and maintaining a vessel like this. To me it seemed as if there were just two primary functions to this ship: One – guns, guns and more guns, and Two – the support of the crew needed to operate the guns (command structure, food, sleeping quarters, toilet facilities, etc.). That’s it, its purely a machine of war, with no frills really even for the captain.

IMAG6496.jpgThe highlights for me were the engine room, and the structure, mechanism and control systems for the big 16″ guns. Wow. There are actually four engine rooms for the four engines and I would like to go back (or visit the Massachusetts) to find out more details on their operation. IMAG6498.jpgThe 16″ guns take up huge chunks of the ships real estate, have very thick armored turrets that descend to the bowels of the ship and have what seemed to be very sophisticated systems to move and control them.

I can’t imagine the resources that were consumed, the man hours that were expended and the engineering effort that went into the design and construction of this ship – all done in a short span of time during the 1940’s. I was also impressed by the massive banks of gyros and other equipment used to control the ships and its guns. I can’t help but thinking how ultra state-of-the-art all this must have been back then – it even felt that way to me now.

IMAG6329.jpgThe other area I found fascinating were the life support systems like the kitchens, food storage, and bathroom facilities – especially bathroom facilities. IMAG6371.jpgOK I’m weird, but I always wonder how that kind of thing works. It’s not something normally discussed but inquiring minds want to know. So anyway, the crappers were just rows of metal troughs with flip up toilet seats across the top and thin vanity panels on each side. I’m guessing that sea water just continuously flowed thru the troughs and carried the waste overboard. Interesting.

IMAG6375.jpgThe bunks were very tight and cramped – I tried one out and had a tough time crawling in or out. Must be fun trying to sleep in those close quarters.

P1010909.JPGAnyway, that’s my quick take on the experience and if you have never been, I would urge you to go. Even for those not inclined towards the technical aspects, anyone of any mind set will take something away from the experience as it is truly awe inspiring on many levels. Linda also greatly enjoyed the visit but probably for somewhat different reasons then I did.

IMAG6315.jpg IMAG6317.jpg IMAG6322.jpg IMAG6325.jpg IMAG6329.jpg IMAG6335.jpg IMAG6336.jpg IMAG6340.jpg IMAG6341.jpg IMAG6342.jpg IMAG6344.jpg IMAG6357.jpg IMAG6369.jpg IMAG6371.jpg IMAG6375.jpg IMAG6384.jpg IMAG6389.jpg P1010897.JPG P1010898.JPG P1010900.JPG P1010902.JPG P1010903.JPG P1010910.JPG P1010916.JPG P1010917.JPG IMAG6426.jpg P1010924.JPG IMAG6442.jpg P1010929.JPG P1010933.JPG P1010936.JPG IMAG6474.jpg IMAG6486.jpg P1010951.JPG IMAG6492.jpg IMAG6496.jpg P1010957.JPG IMAG5469.jpg IMAG5471.jpg IMAG5470.jpg IMAG5472.jpg IMAG5484.jpg IMAG5486.jpg IMAG5485.jpg P1010979.JPG P1010984.JPG P1010986.JPG P1010987.JPG IMAG5535.jpg P1010999.JPG P1020001.JPG IMAG5550.jpg IMAG6510.jpg P1020003.JPG IMAG5562.jpg IMAG5566.jpg


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  1. Your tour of the USS Alabama was fascinating. The many pictures were very interesting. Linda, I would have been sitting on that cleat also.

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