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IMAG0357.jpg After a relatively short drive from Titusville (about 100) miles we have arrived in Port Saint Lucie at the Outdoor Resorts. Still as lush and luxurious as we remember it from last year – our spot is not quite as desirable with a less direct view of a waterfall, but still very nice (the lot we had last year has been sold and the owner is occupying it – some nerve!).

IMAG0359.jpg No problems getting here despite some construction on I-95. Our exit was 121, but we stopped at the Flying J at exit 131 to fuel up so we don’t need to worry about it when we leave here for Disney next week.

Have been using the truck pump lanes if the RV lanes are busy (which they almost always are) but have had no problems paying at the pump with a VISA and Pilot Loyalty card – it was a pain last year having to wait in line at the cashier, estimate my cost, going back to the bus and pumping the fuel, then going back to wait in line at the cashier and cashing out. Now IMAG0353.jpgwe can zip right in (usually there are ten or more truck lanes), fill up with the higher dollar limit on the VISA and zip right out – much better! We have been averaging about 40 gallons per fill up (of a 90 gallon tank).

Nice night tonight, temps in the high seventies – almost put the AC on today but there was a nice breeze. Although the forecast is predicting cold weather moving in for a few days.

SeeIMAG0362.jpgms they have lowered the price on the lots here significantly (from mid $100’s) to about $60K, so quite a few have sold since last year. We hear there is a 31 coach rally coming in this weekend so it will get busy.

I suppose we’ll be off to the Berry Fresh Cafe for breakfast tomorrow since Linda has been talking about it since last year…

Resort assessment: Probably one of the best resorts we have stayed at so far – not as good a location as Heritage in  Orange Beach but much larger sites. Cost is about $45/night. Two 50A ports at each site (many of the coaches here are very high end) with stable power at 121v, excellent Sprint 3G signal, good Verizon 3G signal, mediocre OTA TV with ABC/CBS/PBS but decent cable. Good water pressure and well positioned sewer hookup. The 9 hole golf course would be nice I suppose if we played golf.


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