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On The Fast Track To Atlanta And Our New Home — 13 Comments

  1. OMG, Wow, you kept all the that very quiet. Congratulations, it looks amazing, all bright and sparkling. We are sure you are going to have even more amazing times in your brand new home. Well done and enjoy. I know Rob will be having the time of his life working how everything works.

    • We did manage to keep quiet about it for the longest time didn’t we? Not for any particular reason, maybe nervous that talking about it would jinx it. Yep, Rob will be having lots of fun and keeping very busy!

  2. This is a fascinating post. All the details were enjoyed by both Jim and I. Sharing all the comments and pictures were much appreciated by your readers. I still say you should write a book. Hope to see you in Arizona.

  3. Sooo much work, but really only a blip on the map of your life! Now on to enjoying your new home. Congratulations! It is a beauty. Wishing safe travels and many wonderful memories in it.

  4. Rob and Linda, Congrats on the new coach! 44B is in our future….I see you opted for the 100″ couch versus the L couch.
    Will be curious as to how you like that.
    Many happy miles ahead.

    • Thanks Tom! We were never fans of the “L” and it seems a lot of folks that had one have changed it out. I think it’s one of those things that seems like a great idea in theory but the reality is less ideal. For us the 100″ is working out great, we really like how it complements the 44B layout. The forward section of the couch is a recliner, it doesn’t fully recline to horizontal, but the seat back does angle somewhat to make it more comfortable, plus the footrest kicks out. Also I like to stretch out lengthwise on the couch when watching TV and that works great as well. And if it’s important to you for guests the queen size air inflatable bed is a step up over the full size in the L. The 100″ we have in our Aspire is made by Villa which supposedly is a notch above Flexsteel in quality. Having said all that we *may* in the future swap it out for a fully reclining electric unit like the Lambright. That is an approx. 85″ unit and would leave 7 or 8 inches on either end for some additional and useful cabinetry. Good luck with your purchase plans! -Rob

  5. Really looking forward to your eventual post on the Tyron Tire Bands. All the posts on this subject are very dated. I am fairly certain I will be getting these on NEW front tires on a used coach I will buy in a few months. Whats the worst that can happen? I wasted $2k. The best that can happen? I just pull over after a flat, and call Coach Net, still all in one piece!

    • Mark, I have mixed feelings about the Tyron. I saw them being installed and I think the cost is way high for what they are. Then again it is like insurance. it’s a cost that brings peace of mind and hopefully they will prove their worth should we need them. We also installed the Safe-T-Plus and after a lot of research and a long discussion with the owner, I think it could provide even more comprehensive protection. Both together are going to make you about as safe as you can get, but my opinion (and its just my opinion) is if I had to chose one I would go with the Safe-T-Plus. We personally know people now that have had a front tire blowout (one on the same coach as our 2013 Entegra) with complete loss of control and disastrous results (no loss of life but totaled coaches). That sobering info has provided the incentive for us to spend the $$’s and now that we have both protective systems, does give us a great deal of peace of mind when on the road. Hope this helps a little!


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