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IMAG0026.jpgNote: We are behind on our blogging, mostly due to projects in progress on our house, so please bear with us as we endeavor to catch up.

On June 30th, a member of our family reached a major milestone – Rob’s Mom, Jo, turned 80!

Rob’s Dad decided that a family birthday party was in order since Jo had never had a birthday party.  Imagine that!  So after scouting around, looking a various restaurants and halls, they decided the best place for a party was at their favorite restaurant, Twin Oaks in Cranston, RI.

So at 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoon June 30th, all 21 members of the immediate family assembled at the restaurant where we had a semi-private room which was large enough to hold about 30 people.

Rob’s brother, Jeff, his wife, Michelle and their three children, Olivia (14), Sienna (14) and Christopher (8) had driven in from Chicago. His other brother, David and his wife, Nancy, daughter, Katie (18) and son, Jonathan were here from Albany, N.Y.  Local family members included Rob’s aunt and uncle, Linda & Herb, his two cousins, Greg and his wife, Erica and their son, Noah (5), and Cindy plus his uncle Joseph and his wife, Dottie.

You can’t beat the food quality and portions at Twin Oaks and as expected we all had great meals and most of us took leftovers with us. Afterwards we all went back to Mom & Dad’s house for coffee, cake and more good times.

P1280756.JPGHere’s a shot of the entire group on the front steps – it took 15 minutes to get this shot – a “multi-producer production” that probably would have made a very hilarious reality TV show episode!

In the photo, Mom is the fourth from the right in the top row, Dad is the sixth from the right.

At the restaurant each table had a copy of the following “fact sheet” composed by Dad.

Today is Saturday, June 30, 2012, The 80th birthday of my DEAR WIFE, JO!!
Hi Everyone! (Children,grandchildren, brother, sister, niece, nephew, et al)
Welcome to Jo’s 80th birthday get-together. Thanks for coming to share this occasion with us!
Eighty years is a very long time, and in case you`re interested think of 80 years as:

  • Years = 80
  • Leap Years = 20
  • Months = 960
  • Weeks = 4160
  • Days = 29,200 + 2- Leap Year Days = 29,220
  • Hours = 701,280
  • Minutes = 42,076,800
  • Seconds = 2,524,608,000

To this date, this is how long Jo has been with us!!
In case you weren’t aware of it, look around you and see YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY!! Yup, all 21 of us! As far as I can determine THIS IS US!

We would also add that Mom (Jo) during her 80 years has traveled 46,640,000,000 miles – astronomically that is! The earth travels about 583 million miles around the sun each year!

Happy 80th Mom!


Happy 80th Mom! — 2 Comments

  1. Wow on the b/d cake. Sure wish I had a piece of it. Yummy. Great picture of the entire family. Being a twin, I immediately picked out the twins. Put a smile on my face. I loved the whole commentary. Good job.

  2. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful person, wife, mother, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law; however, before Jo became a sister-in-law, she was a babysitter to a 12 year old and an 8 year old. Yes, before Bob and Jo married, they would care for me and Joseph while our parents went out. Well, I matured (I think), and life went on and then I babysat occasionally. Imagine. And, I’ll always remember Greg and Cindy telling me how much they loved Aunt Jo’s cooking. Just couldn’t compete with that, especially those delicious brownies with the chocolate chips before they were popular and you can now buy the brownie mix with chocolate chips. Jo, you should have patented that you would be independently wealthy today!!! So, Jo, it’s been a beautiful journey having you with us all these years and I’m looking forward to many more. Happy 80th. Love, Linda

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