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Californ-i-ay Bound! — 4 Comments

  1. Hi there, we are new Entegra owners and new readers of your blog, which we really enjoy. Regarding this post, we would really like to see the metal sculpture he described and have done some research on the route. Question, based on your experience do you think we can drive our motorhome with tow down that road and see the sculptures without having to spend the night somewhere which, we can’t do as we will be in route from Palm Desert to Anaheim? Thank you.

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting our blog and congrats on your new Entegra! So if you mean driving from Desert Springs via CA74 to to CA371 to CA79 I would not advise it in anything over 30 feet. CA DOT prohibits big rigs anyway on much of that route. Personally I would only approach Aguangua on CA79 from Temecula. While that is not a fun drive either, big rigs do it all the time. The sculpture yard has a good sized dirt lot out in front that you might be able to turn around, but last time we went by it was very rough and bumpy due to recent rains. Since you will need to retrace your steps anyway, I think I would find someplace to park the rig near Temecula, unhitch the toad and make the trip that way. Wolf Store Rd between Walmart and Ralph’s in Temecula seems to be an area where truckers and RVers park temporarily. Here are the exact coordinates of the sculpture yard: https://goo.gl/maps/naGZztAjzsP2. Let us know how you make out!

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