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WooHoo! Heading “Home” – Again! — 2 Comments

  1. How did you choose Entegra and your model and floor plan? What other makes and models made your short list? Thanks for your comments and stories. After all these Spartan related issues, would you go a different direction?

    • Hi Jack, thanks for following our adventures! Guess we should do a detailed post on how we decided to go with Entegra and our thought processes. I replied in more detail via email and I do have some other articles that I will email you that you might find interesting.

      In 2013 Entegra was the best bang for the buck and IMO still is. My complete short list at the moment (just my opinion formulated on our experiences) is Entegra, American Coach, Newmar & Tiffin in that order.

      As for the chassis, yes we had a bunch of issues with Spartan but they stepped up to the plate in every case and made things right. On the flip side I have talked to many a Freightliner owner that had significant issues as well. I still think Spartan makes a superior chassis but I also liked the Freightliner we had under our 2006 Fleetwood, they are a great company. It’s interesting to note that you will find Spartan only on higher end mid range luxury coaches, like the Newmar King Aire, Foretravel Realm – and Entegra.

      So yes I would stay with Spartan for sure because that’s what Entegra’s are built on and we would not want to leave the Entegra family – really can not express enough the value of that two year warranty and how Entegra will go to bat for you. In fact, stay tuned, we are currently considering a new coach – guess what brand it will be?

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