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Saguaros and Sonoran Hot Dogs — 3 Comments

  1. Rob:

    I am asking a question on this blog page because I don’t see a direct link to you. We have talked before about your towing of the Honda Odyssey, and on 11-13-2016 you had towed it for 3000 miles without any issues. I did read your parking brake problem,……but hey,……stuff happens. I am getting ready to hunt down a 2013 5 speed EX-L, and am just checking in that your tranny is still OK. You and I may be the only brave souls out there on this subject. My two recumbent long bikes need a garage, and if they could talk, they are thanking you for any updated encouragement you can give me as I sell my two 2015 Odys and get one 2013!

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