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Reality Sets In… — 12 Comments

  1. Rob, you waxed so poetic I thought Linda was the author(ess) until you started talking about your father. To echo the previous posts – articulate and elegant!

  2. Ann & I can relate to your post…we have listed MWP 79 with mixed emotions but we are ready for new adventures.

    • Hey Jim, WOW! Bummer though, we were looking forward to coming up to Bretton Woods to visit you next summer. Good luck with the sale, I’m sure it will go fast!

  3. WOW!! You really did it! I’m not sure I could ever be that adventurous or brave. Tim and I both wish you safe and happy adventures ahead!

  4. Can definitely relate to what you so eloquently stated about the sale of your home and being on the cusp of new adventures. I remember vacillating between excitement and “Oh my gosh, what have we done!?!” I think it is a common experience among RVers. At our age, we have become wise enough to know that we are not invincible like we felt when we were younger. The familiar, secure, and safe threatened to keep us in our comfort zone, but we just kept telling my each other, “We don’t want to reach our 70th birthday and live with the regret of, ‘WHY DIDN’T WE?'” Without a doubt, everyone’s passage through this period is different, but for us as the new memories and experiences become more numerous, it all became worth it….even Paul having to give up his garden and workshop. We are the better for it. You’re going to have a ball! Let the adventures begin! 🙂

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