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  1. Sparky, now you behave. I like the new shelter. Putting it together reminds me of Jim and I setting up our pop-up camper. Enjoy.

    • Hi Flora, we are using the Lukas Blackbox ACE 7900. The quality is very good in daylight, not sure about night time quality. I like that it has a built in GPS and shows speed and time on the recorded video. Only problem I had was with mounting – the included mount is OK for slanted windshields like in a car, but I had to find a different mount to use with the nearly vertical Entegra front windshield. I am still experimenting with placement – currently it is near the top of the windshield, but below the tinted area (which really ruins the video). During recent rain, I also realized my placement was outside the wiper path so the camera was looking thru raindrops on the glass. I may move it to the bottom part of the windshield but within the wiper path. Also, the 8GB SD card it comes with is not enough for more than a couple of hours at the highest quality settings (it will overwrite the oldest video), so I will be getting a 32 or 64GB upgrade (it will take up to 128GB card). 8GB won’t be an issue if all you want it for is to record an event like an accident. But if you want to save parts of your video (like leaving/arriving at the campground) you will probably need a larger SD card too. You need to pop the SD card out of the camera and into your PC to view or save the recorded video. The video is recorded in short segments so there are a lot of files (this is standard for dash cams), but the included viewer software lets you watch continuous video. The viewer, via the GPS info, will also show on a map exactly where the video was recorded. I save the particular files I want to keep (only 3-8 files needed for the videos I had posted) and then edit them in a video editor on my PC. I think there is a mac version of the viewer as well. I will be posting a more thorough review at some point when I have it all set up the way I want. Rob

  2. Thanks, Rob. From my research, I’ve learned that high temperature toleration is important. Does yours have motion activation, like if someone hits you when you are parked? Does it start automatically when you start the rig? Still learning! Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Flora, the Lukas is supposed to be high temp tolerant, however I don’t think that would ever be a problem in our climate controlled rigs. It does have motion activation (detected from someone in the video), and it also has motion sensors (detected from movement of the coach itself). There are separate settings for the motion sensors when driving or when parked. Besides presets for the motion sensor sensitivity, you can also customize it with your own x,y,z values. It will start recording automatically if you have it wired to an ignition activated circuit. I currently have ours wired to the circuit intended to turn off the front TV while driving, those wires are in the right front cabinet over the dash. However, when it is wired that way it won’t record motion or sense an impact while parked, so I am going to change the power to an always on feed. It will automatically figure out when you are parked and when you are driving and behave accordingly. When detecting motion or impact while parked it will record the video 30 seconds before and after the impact. Another benefit I think of having it always on is for gps satellite acquisition. I am finding if it starts up when you start the coach, the gps doesn’t sync right away. The unit can always be turned off by a built in switch. Rob

    • Hi Flora, the GPS is built into the unit. You might want to check the reviews to see if any new products have been introduced, We bought ours over a year ago. I think the Lukas ACE is still one of only a few that have a built in GPS

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