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Cummins Fault Advisor – First Impressions — 5 Comments

  1. Very cool. Just got mine today for my 2015 Cornerstone (ISX15).
    Hooked up and paired easily with my android (LG4) but blank screen. I need to tweak it some more and try the connector in the engine bay.

    • Bob, yeah that happened to me too. I *think* what got it going for me was to leave it all plugged in to the J1939, then cycling the ignition switch (I didn’t start the engine), then pair the phone again with the OBD. I’m really curious what some of those parameters are telling me! Let us know how you make out.

  2. Bought an $11.99 OBD ELM327 adapter, but no way am I going to download a Chinese app that wants not just to read everything on my phone, but to have control of literally everything (browser history, contacts, video, etc).. Want to use this model for my 2017 Aspire, but ~$80 bucks is a lot for something that won’t pair.

    • Hi Allen, FYI the Cummins Fault Advisor App does not require installation of any additional generic app, like the “Chinese” App you referenced. Just run Fault Advisor and it should talk to the OBD device assuming it meets the requirements specified by the Fault Advisor App. The Fault Advisor App only requires permissions for Camera, Storage and Location which seem to make sense for what it does.

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