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Boating, Barking And A Bug In My Ear — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Linda & Rob: Sue & I hear you loud and clear on the Covid thing. Since I am 68.5, we see no reason to play Russian Roulette with my retirement at this point by not taking this science seriously. Our RV Travel has basically been limited to our late October 2020 relocation from WI to CA. Soon, our video’s will have to revert to a checker playing vlog! Looking forward to getting the vaccine & getting on the road again. Hey Rob,………how’s the used tranny holding up!

  2. Hey Mark, yeah I’ve been following your videos! I think we might be able to get the vaccine sooner than we thought, maybe even this month here in FL. Odyssey tyranny is doing well knock on 🌳…

    Stay well!

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