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Another Delay — 2 Comments

  1. Oh dear. I know you are disappointed, but as you said family is far more important than a trip. Our best wishes for a good recovery for Rob’s Mother. I’m sure that with you and Rob at her side she will recovery quickly. Take care of yourselves also.

  2. Sorry to hear about Rob’s parents. Hope his mom gets better soon so she can have her surgery. Rob, we went with your advice & got an iPad as our Christmas gift. It’s amazing how it interacts with my iPhone. Tks so much for the advice. Also, some good news from the Sanderson household. We sold our house on Christmas Eve. A good contract w/o contingencies or special conditions. So far all the inspections have been done except for the survey. Closing s/b Jan 31. Then we will truly b living “The Simple Life”. We’re so excited about this next stage n our life. We’re hoping to make a trip to Alaska this yr. I’ll pray for Rob’s mom. Take care, Leta

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