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A Semi Quiet Weekend at Fort McAllister — 5 Comments

  1. So happy to see that we got you hooked on caching! I am going to miss that part of rving but there are so many around here that we have yet to find. As far as rving goes we are just not cut out to be full-timers and our fifth wheel was too big for not being full-timers. Plus I could not drive that frickin’ dually! (and it was frustrating watching Lee try to maneuver it…….way too many K-turns!) We are casually looking at other options but in no rush. Our plans to sell our house and move to the Seattle area have been dropped due to the fact that our oldest and wife want to move in 5years to the Netherlands! And our youngest who was hoping to get transferred to Portland, OR is now in Montclair, New Jersey! Ack! Life’s twists and turns! Have a belly-filling Turkey Day. Love, Denise

    • Yes, you’ll miss the caching and I bet the Apalachicola oysters as well! Maybe now we’ll get a chance to catch up to your number of geocaches! We’ve found 30 now so what do we need about 1100 more finds to catch the two of you? We were so disappointed to hear you wouldn’t be camping any more but we want to explore MI so someday we might be knocking at your door! Who knows, eventually you might get back into rv’ing, perhaps in a smaller camper. Keep in mind that if you ever take a trip to NJ to see your youngest, New England isn’t too far away. Happy Turkey Day to you and Lee as well. Love, Linda

  2. Skidmore Institute of Oceanography: Does not seem generally open to the public except on the last Friday of most months but does have a few special events.

    “What programs do you offer the public?
    Walking tours of the Skidaway Institute campus, labs, and, when in port, our 92 foot research vessel R/V Savannah are offered on the last Friday of most months at 2:00 p.m. Tours start from the Skidaway Institute John F. McGowan Library. Please call (912) 598-2400 for details and reservations.

    Seminars are open to the public and are announced on our main webpage.

    We also open our facility to the public at our Annual Skidaway Marine Science Day every Fall.”


    • Thanks for the info! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in writing the posts, I don’t want to spend a lot of time researching things.

      • Please excuse – and forgive – as my inquisitive nature has led to my compulsive habit. Ask Burl about it sometime.

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