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A Riverwalk, A Ride & Relaxin’ – Lake Pueblo State Park — 3 Comments

  1. Well, I guess I didn’t really understand why it was $23 per person to cross the bridge until I went to the website. I just had to see what $23 per person to cross the bridge would buy you. It obviously gets you to the other side of the bridge, and when you get to the other side you get to WALK back across. Talk about White Knuckle time!!! That is one heck of a high bridge! The views must be absolutely spectacular.

    Ah-ha, I think I finally understand how to work the website. Your $23 buys you not just the walk across the historical Bridge, but access to the Visitor Center and the Photo Lookout areas, the Plaza Theatre and Historical Expo, the water clock on the Tommy Knocker Children’s Playland. Apparently, you pay extra for the zip line and the skycoaster experiences. They do specify free parking, including campers and RVs, and free kennels for your pets when you go in the restaurants. Another site classifies it as a 360 acre amusement park.

    • Hi, Alice,
      I found the Royal Gorge website kind of confusing as well so thanks for the clarification on what the $23 buys. If we had a lot of time, spending the $23 would have been okay but not worth it for just an hour.

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